I consider myself lucky

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    That i found a leniant police officer now i might get some abuse for this but i not bothered as I've learnt my lesson travelling down a duel carriage way today car infront eventually moved over road was clear so i put my foot down didnt realise the motorbike behind was a police bike started braking looked in my mirrors hes got light on pulled over asked me how fast i though i was going i said 80-85 he said try 96 so tbh i thought i was fucked he said i was looking at 6points but in the end let me off which is a result lesson learnt tbh keep speed down for tracks and if im gonna do it on the road check my mirrors even better lol.
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    You are lucky mate!

    Lol what did you do, that he decided let you off?
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    lol always check ya mirrors!!

    well thats how it used to be before speed camera's. get pulled get a slap on the wrist and be on your way. but not as many traffic cars on the road due to the vast increase in speed camera and fuckin moblie camera van's.

    i got court doin 40 in a 30 in the works van a guy with a radar gun. my excuse was the road had gone from 60 to 40 and didnt notice the 30 zone. he just explained my fault and sent me on my way. only ever got points from speed camera's.....
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    I've been caught doing loads of things wrong and been let off. If your respectable to them, and tell them what they want to hear they are usually cool. They aint stupid and know that basically everyone speeds now and then.

    If your a cunt, they will do you for everything possible
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    I got pulled for doing 40 in a 30 on my ped the other day!! hahaha

    He easily let me off though as apparently it is usual for people to cruise at 40 in a 30 zone with a squad car sat on their arse :Angry:

    I had seen the car pull out, but thought it went the opposite direction :Tongue:

    We ended up having a 10min conersation about how I was starting to drive in 2 weeks and how the 6th Generation Civics were "the good ones" (apparently, al;though I'm pretty sure that's a generic answer to ANY car enthusiast haha), then a little chat about where I was off to and he went back to the station :Grin:

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    Precisely my view, I think when I pulled my helmet off and I looked respectable, not chavy and didn't speak like I was from the ghetto he decided I probably want the kind of guy to be blasting around on a ped at above the speed limit regularly lol

    And daz-Civic ... hahahaha
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    this thread is now not NSFW!
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    if you get pulled for speeding and you don't get done for it then its because he's clocked you on his speedo and not actually recorded your speed over a certain distance in which case they can't do you for it cause im pretty sure that if their computer shows that they clocked someone speeding but doesnt show that a tickets been handed out with it they are in shit
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    Thread title could do with being changed now... lol

    And hell yeah you were lucky, be more careful in future dude! I always check who's around before doing anything like that :Grin:
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    he had been following me for ages knew there was a biker behind me just thought he was wearing a hi viz jacket the bike was black aswell he was proper allright with me though unlike most officers have been with me in the past when i havent done anything wrong lol.
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    Shut up Alex, when I first met you I thought I was gonna get shot! You iz a badman from da durty Copthorne blud! :Grin:
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    Yeh I got pulled for doing what would be classed as excessive speeds on a dualcarriage way but because he only knew how fast he had to go to catch up, and then by the time he did I had slowed down for a roundabout, he never gave me a ticket, just a good telling off! :Wink:
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    lol Mike, shut up :Wink: