General I Bought My First Ever Honda - I Have A Couple Of Questions

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    Hi guys,

    Bought my first ever Honda after having a Vauxhall for the last 3 cars. It's a 2015 CR-V EX I-DTEC 160 4WD. I received it at the weekend and had a good look over the manual but I have a couple of questions one of which I probably should have asked the dealer at the time. My car comes with the panoramic sun roof. I can't see any section in the manual in regards to the sunroof. I can open and close the cover. However I can't seem to figure out how to open the sunroof itself. Does anyone know if that actually opens? Second question is something silly in regards to sunglasses holder. In the manual it shows a sunglasses holder within the armrest/cubby hole in the middle. However I can't seem to find access to it as per the manuals instructions.

    Again, apologies for the somewhat silly questions. Really enjoying my CR-V so far. upload_2019-10-2_16-13-34.
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    Hi, Not silly questions at all :Smile: The panoramic sunroof is fixed. Also, when this sunroof is fitted, the car doesn't have the sunglasses holder.
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