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    Sometimes when changing wheels around it is a bit tight around the sides of the garage and the trolley jack has to be skewed for access to the lifting points.
    Using the standard scissor jack is to say the least tiresome.
    I spotted a hydraulic scissor jack from Westfalia and decided to give it a try. Bought directly from them - they have a good selection of tools.
    Works perfectly, saves time, made as well any other scissor jack and has a 1000kg rating.
    The saddle for Honda use needs to be twisted round to allow lifting point full engagement and jack at slight diagonal.
    Could have less free play, and possibly a cranked handle to make access easier fir first few strokes to get clearance from jack to skirt.

    Not the tool to carry around in car mabye but for easy access in tight spaces does the job.

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    I have also tried an electric scissor jack a few years ago - worked well until it stopped - with the car raised!!
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    Update on the Westfalia, it has been used a few times to change wheels about for tyre rotation on winter tyre wheels changing, so really not a lot.
    Today went to use it and noticed some oil in box - this always stowed on it's edge so that the jack sits upright. It appeared that oil was coming the release bolt. Took this out and change the O ring seal. Since some oil lost thought a little top up would be in order. Took the bolt out of the cylinder top and topped up oil. In putting the bolt back in held the reservoir body - the body came away from the jack dispensing the hydraulic oil all over workbench.
    The reservoir is simply held by the "fill" bolt and the seal at the bottom is simple a conical face on the bottom, no rubber seen.
    So beware if you have one or even something similar!!
    Looking at the jack I have and the jack shown on the leaflet provided it has a different reservoir arrangement.
    Westfalia will be asked for comment.

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    Further update - whilst jacking car for winter wheel change there was a bit of a loud crack, on lowering jack it would not go fully down.
    Looks like deflection of some of the arms allowed a pin to get caught between folding arms.
    Consigned to the bin.
    DANGEROUS I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!