HSV-10GT, Its nice.

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    The Honda NSX might be gone, but it's set to live on as the HSV-10 GT in Japan's SuperGT championship.

    Although we don't have an official release or specs yet, we do have the image above and some preliminary details on the HSV-10 GT or Velocity Sports Honda. Built to the 2010 GT500 regulations, the new front/mid-engine racer from Honda is packing a 500+ hp, 3.4-liter V8 and sending power through the same Ricardo sequential manual gearbox fitted to the 2010 SuperGT cars from Nissan and Toyota. Underneath all that glorious carbon fiber is the same chassis Honda's been working on (originally as an NSX replacement) for the last two years. The SuperGT season opener is scheduled for March 20 and 21 of 2010.
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    WOW........ that looks incredible and will no doubt be a beast :Grin:
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    Thanks for my new desk top back ground on my works pc :Smile:
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    Netherlands Frank Zoetermeer
  5. BigJames Commercial Services Trader

    I hope enough people contact Honda and demand they make a road going version...
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    That is stunning
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    just saw this on ITR-DC2. looks amazing.. and hopefully regulations mean they mite have to make a few road going versions!
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    This needs to see the road, show the stupid Nissan bummers and their renault engine how much they suck :Tongue:
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    that is sweeet, but i thought honda said they'd never make a v8, as there to unefficient