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    Trying to put all the vacuum tubes back into my h22a2 engine and can't figure out what this is or where it goes:


    I found an identical item on eBay USA that called it a 'small EVAP canister', hence the label, but I can't see it in the manual or see anything obvious to connect it to...any help/photos greatly appreciated...!
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    This is an evaporation cannister. It has the capability to suck up vapors of petrol, coming out of e.g. a carburettor or the fuel tank.
    Once the engine runs, the vapors are sucked in again into the intake manifold and burned. It is possible that some markets have it, and others don't. In California e.g. they must have been the first on earth to have these. Now it is very common. My Accord has it underneath, close to the fuel tank to trap fuel vapors.