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    I have already posted the info. below in a 4th Generation thread:-
    "As a prospective buyer of the 5th Generation (Sportage driver currently), I have been keeping a close eye out for any developments.
    There is a very interesting and worrying thread running on the CRVOC website from across the pond, relating to unburnt petrol dilution
    of the engine oil. The consensus seems to be that it is due to poor warm up of thy 1.5 turbo DI engine. However Honda don't seem to have a resolution
    currently. Sales were stopped in China for several months over the issue!
    It's a long thread but worth a read. There are some very worried owners over there. "

    I have have now made Honest John aware of it and he has posted a small item on his site, so for any concerned prospective buyers in the UK
    like me, I think it will be useful to have him on board over this issue.
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    I have raised same issue in Civic 10th Generation Section. This is the reason why we changed my wife's 4th Generation 62 reg 2.0 EXi for a facelifted 18 reg one. The other potential issue with all Direct Injection engines is coking of inlet valves & Honda have refused to advise what they do to mitigate this problem. Toyota use dual port fuel injection so inlet valves get washed with petrol.
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