Honda tow bar or other supplier?

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    I'm looking at getting a tow bar (Civic Tourer 65 plate) but the Honda quote is off the scale - £789 for a fixed bar or £860 for a detachable! I want to tow a caravan - I've towed a trailer to France before with a previous car but I'm new to caravanning and never towed one before but plan on getting one soon.
    I was not impressed with the Honda garage trying to say I must have a Honda tow bar as having any other sort fitted "may affect" the warranty on the car. Who makes good tow bars and is the Honda part really the only one to consider? Is there really any justification for voiding the warranty I have on the car because I choose to fit a tow bar I need that I can afford?
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    Sounds like a hint of scaremongering.
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    Damage to the chassis, additional clutch wear, increased transmission wear, increased engine wear, rear suspension bushes...
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    Try Witters tow bars. They have been doing tow bars for a LONG time and are a reputable company.
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    @MattBeardless of course I accept towing anything is going to increase demand on the vehicle but it seemed that what was being implied was that anything other than a Honda tow bar would be an issue - surely that doesn't make complete sense?
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