Detailing Honda Touch Up Pencil Base coat + Clear Coat: Contradictory Instructions

Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by tomwillie, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016.

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    Purchased Honda Crystal Black Touch up Paint to make good local minor kerb damage on black finish Honda Alloy wheel & found contradictory instructions:
    The paper instructions inside the box indicate with diagrams that neither the Basecoat nor the Clearcoat should be shaken. However, the written instructions on the side of the pencils to both paints state "Shake pencil well" ?
    Also, the paper instructions inside the box indicate with diagrams that both paints may be applied within the temperature range of +5 to +35 deg C but written instructions on side of pencils state "Do not use below +15 deg C" ?
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    I think it was a typo and it should be +15.
    When applying paint in cold, it would either stick good or will not look good.
    When i use spray paint, i normally warm the can and warm the surface I apply it on with a hairdryer. Makes a difference.
    I wouldn't use below +15
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    It may be worth for you peace of mind to write to honda.
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    I use a cocktail stick to apply touch-ups for minor stone chipping after a tip posted on AOC a few years back. It was a great tip.

    The instructions don't mention that either...:bleh:
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