Body, Paint & Styling Honda Prelude SN XXR

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    The XXR was a Japan only top of the line model in the Prelude range, sold from 1981, they came fully loaded with various features not found on any other Prelude of the time. Features and accessories included 2 tone paint, rear disc brakes, electric windows and mirrors, leather trim, cruise control, folding rear seats and an electronic navigator!!? Among others.

    Have included some pictures and the original brochure, pretty impressive for a car of it's age!

    6117105105_1de7b49426_o. 6117650596_c112655e15_o. 6155724197_ae0f08ba59_z. 6291026435_4ab0ae3713_z. 7712021712_fbc33f0b98_z. 7712022700_31d78934d6_z. 7712025508_c07053ee9d_o. 7712025774_d21a03f0a1_z. 7712026708_ebc82ebd61_z. 8351395863_fab59f525a_c. 8351395987_2229e97de7_z. 8352458920_82bfd48563_z.

    Flickr link to my brochures, good point of reference for accessories, equipment and tech specs.[email protected]/sets/72157627658742645/

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