Pre-Purchase Honda Gen 3 Suspension & corrosion - advice please?

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    Hi, I posted an introduction that asked for some pre-purchase advice, but I'll repeat the query here. Recently purchased a Gen 3 Honda CR-V EX with FSH & 90,000 miles, which we returned to the dealer after we had confirmed via a VOSA retest that the car should have failed its MOT. (Failed track rod end ball joint excessive play, suspension arm ball joint excessively worn & dust cover not preventing ingress of dirt together with an advisory of free play detected at steering wheel + others)
    From the numerous MOT histories of Gen 3 Honda CR-Vs I've looked at it appears that the car's steering/suspension parts are more likely to require replacement after 80,000+ miles, which is to be expected for such a heavy vehicle under normal use. Steering play is commonly described in past MOT histories?
    If I take the view that regardless of our budget for a 07/08 FSH CR-V EX version that it won't be IF the parts require replacement, but more a case of WHEN if such parts are still the original parts, can anyone kindly give me an indication of how much it would cost to replace the steering/suspension parts that will require changing. Am I more realistic to expect to buy a decent CR-V but in reality expect to need to replace the parts that are causing the aforementioned common steering play issues?
    Also I note that corrosion is also frequently described in MOT histories of 2007/08 CR-Vs. The one we returned had advisories (not in the original dealer MOT) of suspension component mountings corroded & exhaust mounting defective so is corrosion a significant issue for models this old or can a new corrosion coating measures be provided to the car to curb this problem?
    Thanks in anticipation.
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    Hi, I have just bought a 2008 CR-V EX manual petrol. The front and rear suspension have corrosion. They were listed as advisory. Exhaust bracket is very corroded. Not listed as advisory! Should have been. My steering wheel is sticking and a bit heavy at times especially on the motorway which is a suspected sticking strut bearing. I am travelling across Europe in a week and I bet the car doesn't miss a beat. It has been serviced and has only done 60k. I will be doing a rear diff flush and a manual transmission flush soon too. I get that the car you bought has issues which should have been listed. So should mine. I wouldn't let them put you off. I think these vehicles are rather "bullet proof".