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Honda FR-V - some advise on DIY

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  1. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi Everyone

    I was searching for some advise on few bits and pieces that I am trying to sort out myself on my FR-V. I bought a used 2008 1.8 FR-V ES with full service history, so its mechanically looked after, but this has been used with 3-4 kids so interior is not perfect.

    Just for information, I am not an expert DIYer but have a keen interest in learning car DIY and try to do as much as I can myself :Smile:

    Please bear with me as I have a list of things and I have given as much information possible to get right advise, so the post is a bit long :Smile:

    1. Centre silver console unit faded
    I am trying buy and change this centre console on dash as its colour had faded (pic attached) on some parts of it and it look bad. please advise what is the best way to change it. Is it easy or hard.

    2. Front middle car seat not moving backward/forward
    I found this the next day after buying it that the front middle seat is not moving and stuck on front position. I specifically bought it for my only little daughter who can sit with both parents on front. Although this situation is not stopping from using the middle seat for a baby car seat but there is not much room for my left shoulder if I can't move front middle the seat backwards. Also, my daughters rests hers foot on middle silver dash console, which is already not in good colour shape. I wonder this could be a reason why colour is faded already. I took it to Honda, who were asking for £300-£400 just to labour to check what it is, then when the find out then another labour charge along with the part cost thay they may need. Too expensive for me.
    Front and back lever that is under the seat seem to move as usual and don't look like broken at all.
    Please advise how can i go about it?

    3. Car battery drains overnight
    After like a week of purchase, I tried to start a car after been parked for a day or so, it didn't start. alarm was going off when I tried to manually open it through the key as the remote wasn't unlocking the car. Key fob light was dim so i thought its the key battery. I went and changed it from halfords. Bad luck that new battery was already dead. I tried to jump start with a smaller car but no luck. FR-V was stubborn and refused to start. I called AA. AA came and checked battery and alternator, which were both good. Then he started the car using his battery booster. It started. Then he checked both old and new battery in key fob. New one from halford showed almost no energy. old key battery was still good. then he checked battery drain while car switched off. he couldn't find a reason for battery drain, apart from suggesting it could be to do with a light left on inside the car. One thing was a bit strange that car roof centre light was switching on intermittently, looks like this switch is playing up. bulb was fine.
    Yesterday morning (after 2 days I called AA), the battery was dead again. I started searching online for a solution and found diagnosis video on general cars to check fuses etc.
    My assumption so far is it could be to do with that middle roof internal switch or the immobilizer fuses etc. I must admit my knowledge of electronics is not good but I am not willing to pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds on diagnosis to mechanics. By searching online I found a honda video suggesting to change AC compressor relay. It costs around £30 on Honda. I don't mind buying without diagnosing the actual problem but if the problem persists after changing it then I would have to start again.
    Does anyone else face this issue on FR-V or any other Honda who can help?

    4. Changing Passenger side wing mirror
    Passenger side wing mirror has a crack and indicator plastic is broken. I decided to change it. I have the wing mirror which I am planning to change on weekend. I have change wing mirrors on my Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 in the past. Mazda wing mirrors were easy to change as it were only a few screws by side window, but for FR-V i have to strip the whole cardboard panel out, which I have never done on a car before, but it looks not too difficult.
    Any advise or caution before i attempt it?

    5. Window master switch (driver window switch loose)
    driver auto button is a bit loose which is part of all windows master switch by the steering wheel. It is working but as its loose, I am not sure if this will stop working at some point.
    Any advise on how to get it fixed? Anyone else facing this issue?

    You might be thinking why did I bought the car :Smile: . Surprisingly, the exterior is in very good condition and with full SH (mainly by Honda) I bought it for a very good price. These things above are kind of a small project for me to learn, which I enjoy.

    Your kind advise is much appreciated.

    Many thanks IMG_20190407_162835. IMG_20190407_163109.
  2. deviator Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    WIth regards your parasitic drain on the battery.

    You will need a multimeter. Most (even cheap ones) have a 10amp setting (this normally requires the red lead to be moved to a different hole). If you use this CAREFULLY. It may help point you in the right direction. I say carefully purely because most of the circuits you will be working on exceed 10amps when in the use and if you get this wrong, you'll either blow the fuse in the meter or kill the meter entirely. As such, I accept no responsibility if it all goes wrong. I will add, if the stereo has a code on it, make sure you have this as you may need to re-enter it afterwards. I wouldn't do this while the engine is hot (IE just been used) as the fan could start running (unlikely) and cause issues.

    With your meter set to Amps (Current) and no key in the ignition. (It may also be worth turning the interior light off too.) Go to the fuse box(es) and start at one side. Remove one fuse at a time and place the probes of the meter on to the contacts where the fuse was (one on each side, NOT a direct short across the two contacts). The meter should tell you what the draw is across that circuit. You are only interested in the readings that aren't 0. If you get a negative number, the probes are the wrong way around, it doesn't matter as the reading is the same, so you can just ignore the the negative. Note down any fuses with a draw and what the draw (number on meter) is. Remember to replace the fuse before going onto the next one to reduce the chance of the wrong sized fuse being used.

    Once you have your list, it's normally obvious which circuit is at fault as it'll have the biggest draw of current. Having said that, I would identify all the fuses that had a draw and find out what that fuse is for. Things like alarms are normal to have a small draw.

    See how that works for you and report back if you are still having issues.
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  3. Sandy52 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    I would concentrate on the electrical issues first, then the mirror and seat, and leave the faded trim till last.

    Switch off all interior lights as a first step. Switch of radio and anything else electrical, EG fan A/C etc.
    If they are off then they should not be drawing any current.
    If you cannot find any current draw then switch one thing back on at a time and test it.
    It may take a while.

    Maybe be easier to replace the complete mirror assembly than disassemble and rebuild? Assuming you can get one at a reasonable price.

    You should be able to download a detailed manual from the web or eby. I got mine, complete workshop manual, off eby.
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  4. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Thanks Deviator and Sandy for your advise.

    Just an udpate
    Wing Mirror - Passenger side
    I have changed the wing mirror. No issues, straightforward. Just one advise to someone attempting to do it is that be careful with the way wiring come along to connect with the switch. Basically, I had the window down before taking out side board, unclipped old wing mirror switch without paying attention to which way the wiring came out. I attached new mirror and wired it from top of window glass. stupid me :Frown: . Thankfully I did tried to close window before putting back side board. Of course, window didn't close. Spent 10 mins trying to understand it. At the end I took Driver side side board out to see which way the wiring is coming from. Lesson - You have to keep window glass fully up to access that part of the side door to connect wiring through the default way as its a bit tight to reach. With window down you can't reach easily (or at all in my case) and will wire it wrong way.

    Car Battery drains overnight
    I did take out boot internal light out and rear internal roof light out. Don't know why but just thought let me try. Middle internal roof light is playing up but I still didn't take it out yet. Car seems to start each morning from last 2 days. I am not driving it but just testing every morning to see if something changed. I have Digital multimeter now and a portable battery booster just in case, but as it is now starting fine, I am not attempting electrical diagnosis at present. I have the right equipment to do it when it happens again.

    Front middle car seat not moving backward/forward
    I will try to attempt it this weekend. Someone advised me to take the passenger seat and driver seat out first by removing 2 bolts on front bottom and 2 on rear bottom of the seat, also remove air bag switch. I need to remove these seats to access side bolts of middle seat to remove the middle seat. I have been advised that middle seat is extra heavy for one person but I don't have a helper so will attempt it myself.

    Window master switch (driver window switch loose)
    If I don't get much luck with middle front seat fixing then I might try fixing this on weekend. Apparently, I have to take out small driver side compartment underneath VSA button, then take a screw out, pull down master switch taking care of wiring, then take apart master switch carefully and see where the problem is with driver side auto window switch.

    Centre silver console unit faded
    I couldn't find a good condition one on ebay so I am leaving this for now. However, I have ordered a good condition original gear knob which i will change when it arrives.

    Your advise/feedback is appreciated.
  5. Sandy52 Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    Glad to hear you have made some progress.
    If you don't have any more problems with starting then you have probably already identified the problem areas re the two lights, I hope.

    thanks for the update.
  6. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi guys

    Just to update you on progress, here is what I have done so far.

    Window switch
    I took it out, which was not too difficult. One nut under the small glovebox and a few more inside. It was not coming down after all nuts were out. Then I thought something is still holding the switch from the top. I tried stripping blue facia cover around air went (older model have wood effect facia). It came out slightly. The final nut was under that facia. disconnected the wiring, took the whole unit out with care. Separated window switches from the electric switchboard, driver side switch was broken from the plastic inside. passenger front window switch was also broken but i think thats me not being careful so i think i broke it while taking switches apart. Long story short, I tried to fix it with glue and putting some weight on it for a day or so, at the end both front switches were so glued that they weren't moving at all after being glued, both broke when i tried to move them. Not a good ending. I will need to order the whole switch now, which should be straightforward to replace :Frown:

    Front middle seat
    This was my first priority but i didn't have the right tools to take out seats. I am searching for a good socket set to help me do this kind of work. I do have tools but i think they are not good enough for this kind of job. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what should I buy (not too expensive of course).

    Here are some pictures from my window switch work. IMG_20190413_105337. IMG_20190413_105344. IMG_20190413_105405. IMG_20190413_105433. IMG_20190413_105433. IMG_20190413_105448. IMG_20190413_112112. IMG_20190413_114319. IMG_20190413_110806.

    This is all for now. When I try fixing middle front seat, I will try taking some pictures to share with you guys.

    Any suggestions/advise would be very helpful to avoid breaking anything else :Smile:

    Bye for now
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  7. jd1959 Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    I've found trying to glue the plastics has very limited success and really only works for bits that have no stress or movement. I would look around the local breakers yards for a car that you can use for parts.

    Given the age things become brittle so extreme care is needed to get the dash/doors apart without it cracking in places. I've also found using tools like these help avoid marking and breaking bits. If you look up parts diagrams on it can give you some idea of where screws and clips are before you start into the project, and having a selection of replacement clips handy to put it back together can save a lot of headaches for when one breaks or falls somewhere never to be seen again.
  8. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi jd1959

    Thanks for your feedback and advise. I did use trim removal set when i changed wing mirror. Your link for diagrams looks very helpful. I will use it when fixing middle car seat. I suspect that the sliding cable may be broken underneath middle seat. I will let you know what i find.

    There is one more thing I need your advise on. Parking sensors on the back are factory fitted but they are not working. Any ideas of where to start on this to see if this is something I can fix? I went to a shop specialising in parking sensors. They said we don't try to fix but change them to new. I want to see if this is something I can fix myself or not.

  9. honda_saj Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom saj east london
    Glad to see some diy work input, in regards to rear sensors, do you have speaker near boot ?
  10. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi Saj

    Yes, I do have speakers in boot. thanks FRV boot.
  11. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi Guys,

    in addition to the above list of things, passenger side vent mechanism is broken. I am searching for a vent which i got from a breaker for a very reasonable price (see attached picture on red bonnet). I tried to remove the trim of my car to see how can i take it out from my car but I don't want to break the trim by pulling hard. Could anyone advise safest way to replace this air vent on passenger side? thanks IMG_20190416_191808. IMG-20190416-WA0017.
  12. Ahsan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom AJ1987 REDHILL
    Hi guys

    Just to update you that I have fixed middle front car seat issue.
    I tool out both Passenger and Driver seat first then tried to remove middle seat but i couldn't figure out how can i remove just the seat without its full railing. Luckily I could see underneath the seat and saw that the lever cable was not broken as it was moving from both ends (front and back)when pulled. then I thought what is the point of taking out all the seat with railing when cable is not broken. It was just stuck for some reason. I pulled the seat up and pushed back while using the back lever, magic happened and it moved. I think it was stuck in one of the railing teeths where it locks itself in one position what you set. I sprayed WD40 on railing and lever mechanism parts. Took me around 4 hours in total today to fix it, but it was worth it. I couldn't take pictures of all the work but here is what it looked it with driver and passenger seat removed. 20190419_171727. 20190419_171753.

    I have ordered window switch which I will change when I get it, probably on next weekend now.

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