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    I have just acquired a Imported Honda Elysion and I need to replace the existing multimedia sat nav system.
    The current system is a Gathers VXH 082C and of course is fully set up in Japanese and cannot successfuly function here.
    Any advice on replacement would be most welcome.

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  2. djcrossie Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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    The Kenwood DDX4016DAB I have in mine is great. It has a satnav option but needs a satnav plugin (sold separately by Kenwood). It was a little pricey but works great
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  4. keith 0170 New Member Getting Started

    Hello All.
    I have a 2007 G Type Honda Elysion Aero. The AC pump needs replacing and I am having difficulty tracing a replacement. Does anyone have details of the Part Number or where this can be purchased.
    The vehicle is a Japanese Import if that is important to know.
    Many thanks. Keith
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    Hello @keith 0170 welcome to HK mate, hope to see your Elysion in club garage, also are you still trying to find A\C pump..
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    Hello Andy.
    Sorry to not reply to your last note.
    I have now acquired an AC Unit which was supplied buy the company from whom I purchased the vehicle as it failed soon after purchase of the vehicle.
    I have also acquired a Sat Nav / CD / DVD / Rear camera Player from a Honda Civic which I was hoping would replace the Japanese speaking one currently in the car only to find that the rear connection sockets are different even though it is the same make.

    Can you suggest or anyone suggest a solution???
    Many thanks. Keith.
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    There may be a iso connector adaptor :Wink:
  8. SpeedyGee Club Manager Club Staff

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    I recently swapped a Gathers head unit out in our Edix with an aftermarket head unit, all I needed to this install was a standard Honda ISO adaptor.

    This takes care of making sure all the wires from the head unit get connected to the appropriate place on the car.

    It looks like this
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    Hello @keith 0170
    as @honda_saj and @SpeedyGee correctly mentioned ISO connectors are normally used to connect an aftermarket headunit.
    However I have also noticed you said you acquired from a Honda Civic. Would this be a OEM headunit? If yes, there is a possibility it may plug straight in, some models has the same audio connector.
    If it's not the same, you will still be able to connect it but will need to splice the wires.
    Also check the fitment/size of the headunit is the same.
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    Hi Keith - can you provide an update on where you got to with the replacement of the media / satnav unit? Any photos would be appreciated. I've been trying to get this sorted since I got get car, but no luck still. Thanks.