Honda Civic 1.4i 1998, Engine D14A8, problems after cambelt change

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    Hi to everyone on the forum ,as a newbie i am calling on the help of you seasoned experts with some questions that might help me resolve my problems

    My vehicle is a honda Civic 1998 1.4i with a D14A8 engine.

    My honda was taken off the road last november as it was due a cambelt change, i decided i was going to have a go myself.
    The cambelt is fitted and the car runs smoothly as it did before,with slight problem.
    The timing marks on the cam was set to be in line with the top of the head, and the crank in line with the tdc mark .
    The problem i am having is that once the car has been running a few minutes the revs start hunting from 1000 RPM to about 1700rpm .
    The iac valve was taken off and cleaned as the thing had become seized , i think because the car had been standing for approx 5 months.
    I tested the unit with a 12v dc psu , putting the positive to the centre terminal and then to each of the other two terminals, and the valve worked in both directions.
    The car runs at 1000rpm even when upto temp but with just a hint of hunting now.
    Tried to adjust idle screw but car started hunting again 1000rpm to 1700 RPM.
    Turned ignition off reset idle screw to original position and idles as before with slight hunting.
    The other problem is that when i put a strobe on the crank the timing marks do not line up(the timing marks are all to the right of the pointer).
    I ran the engine up untill fan kicked in then turned the ignition off.
    i connected the link wire on to the data plug for pulling error codes to the MIL on the dash and ran the engine up but timing marks still do not line up

    1] why is it the timing marks will not line up?
    2) why is it hunting albeit very slightly
    3) Have i seup the camshaft marks correctly for the D14A8 as there is another position they can be set too that is shown in the haynes manual.
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    Check the ignition timing. The strobe takes its timing from the ignition so if that is out it may show the cam timing as being out.
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    is 14a8 twincam? i have d16a9 twincam and marks on cam sprockets are not dead on to my thinking its easy to get one tooth out on a spocket .if this happens it will run rough and rev rough but does run so go back and check its not out by one.before fault finding every other possibility