Engine & Gearbox Honda accord I-DTEC fuel injector clean

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    Hey all.
    I have had a rattle/ tapper sound coming from the I-DTEC 2.2 engine and also had an error code P0087. I have now changed the fuel filter and the error code has not come back and the loud rattle tapper sound has pretty much gone now. The only thing is it does still do it a bit when cold and is quiet when warm.
    My question is is there anything I can put in the fuel to give the injectors a clean and if so will it be ok with the DPF?
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    I have the same engine and I regularly use Super Diesel to ensure the system stays clean and efficient, and so far no problems. I have done this on my last three diesel cars and never had any injector problems. I think P0087 is to do with fuel pressure so it probably was to do with the fuel filter. No idea about the noise but most diesels are clattery when cold, as long as you don't hear it when warm you should be OK. I
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    @Sandy52 isn't wrong, to an extent it may also be worth checking the oil level and when it was last changed.

    Alarmingly though, P0087 is the code for low fuel rail pressure in most cases, which may indicate an issue with the pump or lines. As Sandy suggests, 'better' (Shell VPower for example) Diesel may help, as would a course of fuel system cleaner.

    We have Injector Cleaner on the shelf here at H-Tune, which we can send to you via DPD or DHL Next-Day if required.
    You can find that here: https://h-tune.co.uk/millers-fuel-injector-cleaner-petrol-diesel/

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    i don't want to scary you, but my friend also have had this error coming from time to time. Eventually his high pressure fuel pump (Bosch cp4) failed. He had to replace with the new one for 1000 pounds. Thankfully, other system component did not suffer from damage (fuel rail, injectors etc...).
    He gave me that pump to dissect it. The first thing i took out - fuel control actuator (FCA), all his metal filters was covered with metal particles indicatint premutre fuel pump wear.

    if you enter into youtube CP4 bosch fuel pump you will not found ANY positive feedback about this pumps. Its garbage. It is very sensitive to fuel quality/water/etc. In addition to this - premium fuel is evil also. Just use regular.
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    P0087 is absolutely consistent with a restricted fuel filter. Solenoid injectors will get noticeably tappy as they get older, particularly when the engine is under heavy load.
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    Thanks for your replies.
    Well since changing the fuel filter it hasn't come back but I will monitor it. Weirdly when I had the fault it didn't turn on the engine management light, but showed up on torque when I checked for any faults. The oil is topped up and was changed about 6 months ago and the car has FSH. Also Matt will the injector cleaner be fine with the DPF?