Breaking Honda Accord Facelift (2007) EX Spec

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    Some of you know that a few weeks ago, a drunk, uninsured VW Passat driver went on a spree up my mums road in Milton Keynes whilst I was visiting. He wrote of 3 cars in total (Mine, a Ford Focus and the VW Passat as well as damaging a Mazda 6).
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    So I am breaking the car, it's the EX spec and was in pretty mint condition as I'd spent a fair amount of money doing it up.

    The bad bits are passenger side wing, door, suspension, wheel as well as damage to the gearbox and drive shaft. Whilst the brake calliper looks unaffected... I'm not sure if it is.

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    I am in the process of transferring a few parts over to the new car... So the spoiler, euro rear light, dash cam and reversing cam have already been removed. Likewise I have also removed the headlights as I'd refurbished them, they will be going on the replacement and I'll then refurbish those lights and sell them on later. Also, the bluetooth module I fixed is being kept too.

    Wheels are not for sale, as there's only 3 of them and I am trying to track down a replacement.

    The top mini LCD panel is flickering as I swapped it a good one over into the new car as that one was flickering. So if there's anyone who repairs these... you can have it for postage I guess.

    The leather is in near mint with no major wear, no rips or scuffs, the electric front seats work perfectly as does the heated part on both seat and lumbar. Complete interior will need collecting obviously... It's going up on ebay for £150 inc door cards but will sell to a club member for £130.

    Satnav system works perfectly, it's never thrown up a DVD error, nor spat out a CD since I've owned it. The GPS module works perfectly. Again, it's a fragile item so I would prefer that it's collected. If you want it posted we can work it out, but you will have to accept responsibility for any damage in shipping (I don't trust them not to throw packages about no matter how well they're wrapped up). I've checked ebay and they're all being sold separately and the cheapest prices for everything you need (Head unit, dvd & GPS) is up around the £200 range or more. I'll take £150 for the whole thing. Some of them are charging more than that just for the headunit from a PFL car. Bear in mind it will not come with a map disc as I'm using that in the replacement car.

    Front bumper is in excellent condition, no broken clips, fog lights work, as does the headlight washers and will remain in place. The upper and lower grills not included as the lower grill has a broken mount and the upper grill has been earmarked for a potential project. There is a small scrape on the passenger side of the bumper, but it does not go through the paint to the black plastic underneath. You could use it exactly as it is, a simple swap over. The rest of the bumper is excellent with no major scratches or scuffs, just a few minor stone chips. Prices on ebay vary greatly with a lot of damaged ones that are well over £100 without any fittings at all. But most FL ones like this are in the £150+ range.. So £100 collected.

    Rear bumper, again in excellent condition, no major scuffs or scratches, there is one minor one on the passenger side right near the bottom which I think was caused by flying debris from the drunk driver. I can take a pic if needed. It has no holes for parking sensors so is a straight swap over once again. Prices on ebay vary greatly again depending on condition, poor ones are around £50, with excellent ones being well over £100. I'd put this in the excellent category, so £75.

    Rear lights, in mint condition... no chips, cracks or scuffs... £15 per unit or £40 for all 4.

    Bonnet, no damage or large scratches/scuffs/dings... just some stone chips I'd class it as very good... and comparing prices on ebay... £60 seems fair as they're more like £100 for similar condition ones.

    Doors... there are 3 good ones in excellent condition with no rust, no major scratches or scuffs and I can't see any dings but expect the odd tiny one. All glass present and unbroken, all wiring present and working as are speakers... Door cards not included as they're going with the leather, switches and door mirrors will be removed. £50 per door

    Bootlid... Everything works, there are minor scratches along the top edge, most likely from it being closed repeatedly by some one with rings... Most may actually polish out with a good mopping. I can't feel ridges across them so I don't think it's gone through the lacquer. On the rear to the left of the Honda badge, there is a slight bit of lacquer damage, which I assume is from some bird crap or something being left on. The locking meech and switches will be left on too. £50 because of the damage (£100 or so on ebay)

    Door mirrors. In excellent working condition, folding mech works perfectly, all adjustment motors work perfectly, glass is intact but there is a scuff on the passenger side out casing from the drunk driver. I sold one of these a year or so ago and I under priced it then so it was snapped up quickly... I'll do the same again now... £25 each.
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    There are hundreds more bits and bobs... so please let me know if there's anything you want... As per house rules, do not PM making offers, please post replies in here so everyone can clearly see what's going on... We'll only take it to PM to discuss personal details.

    If you want pics, please ask and I'll take some of the specific part if I can.

    Also please bear in mind that I am partially disabled... and can no longer crawl all over and under a car... So for more difficult items that need removing, you will probably have to come and help remove them yourself. Especially large and heavy/bulky items.

    As for the engine... she ran sweet and was giving me low 40's around town. She'd been recently serviced with all new filters and oil... But due to the damage to the gearbox the EML and VSA lights are on, and my OBDII reader will no longer connect to the car and she doesn't start. There could be damage to other things within the main engine that I cannot predict but I think it's safe to say the gearbox is toast. I'll probably pull a few parts of it myself as I'd just replaced the fuel pressure rail valve and the power steering hose, and there's always the FSV as that's handy to keep a spare, along with the air sensors. But there are good injectors and so forth, the alternator and aircon compressor worked as the air con was nice and cold. I could probably get the power steering pulley off as that's right at the top but not sure if I'd be able to reach in far enough to get at the ac and alternator.

    I am open to sensible offers as the prices are an initial guide based on current ebay prices and then knocking a large chunk of to help shift them quicker. I will of course, consider discounts to members, as I will if buying more than one part.