Dealers/Garages Holdcroft Honda Cobridge & Holdcroft In General Review! #ThePromiseIsBroken

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    I going to take a guess that it’s a Dacia Sandero, no one ever complains about owning one of them!
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    Coming from somebody who had one as a courtesy car, I call shenanigans...bloody terrible thing.

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    Luckily I kept my old Fabia vRS (loaned it out whilst I had the accord) - but when the thing crapped out it meant I didn't have to get something else.

    The Mrs has a 1.5 dci K14 Micra, which shockingly, if you build it on the Nissan UK website, has the same retail price as the Civic we had...£24k!

    But we got it a lot cheaper than that, it's pretty neat for what it is, they've really taken the image of a micra and turned it from cheap and cheerful into something with a bit more substance, like the complete Bose sound system which also has speakers in the drivers headrest to give you 360° immersive audio. Or a full 360° parking camera - makes parking a doddle for anyone!

    It's a pretty comfortable cruiser to be honest!

    We still go on holiday in the Fabia though as SWMBO want's the miles kept down on her car... :Frown:

    132000 miles on the Fabia and it's still pretty tip top.
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    Looked at them, then saw the owners reviews and the flack they got in advertising and thought I'd probably avoid...

    Do like the look of the duster though. Cheap cheerful and pretty spacious!
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    You'd be amazed you know.

    Still waiting on the ombudsman.

    Staffing issues I'm told...
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    Oh I hear Stuart Graham Honda is going as well - looks like Holdcroft are losing a branch.

    Being brought by Robert Eardley Skoda.

    Here's hoping for better management and potentially old customers being given better service should they ever consider a Honda again.
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    I can't lie, I used to be big into Micras...a friend had one as a courtesy car when his Missus' Juke went in for Gearbox problems (standard Juke, that). It genuinely wasn't that bad, but bugger me they're expensive.
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    It's a nice motor! I considered having another car myself but considering the outlook on petrol & diesel I thought ah, why not wait for the Tesla Model 3 used market to flourish and get one of those!
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    I have an updaaatteeeeeeeeeeeeeee - finalllyyyyyyyyyy

    So the ombudsman has come back to me and at the minute have partially upheld my complaint, citing the Holdcroft are in breach of The Motor Ombudsman's codes of practice!

    So despite months of Holdcroft stating they did nothing wrong and not to believe my (what was it?) "lengthy stories", an impartial body that Holdcroft are accredited with, have found fault with their dealings in relation to the sale of the Honda Accord.

    Note this complaint only focussed on the Accord, the Civic comes later as they wouldn't consider both at the same time.

    I've challenged the decision of the adjudicator who made the recommendations as they have indicated they require further evidence for the other aspects of my complaint, so they've now got a 30-40 page document to review which contains A LOT of evidence that should tip the balance from partially upheld, to upheld.

    You wouldn't believe what I've found out during my investigations.

    Turns out the Accord, sold as an approved used Honda with associated 12 month warranty, wasn't even eligible to be part of the Approved Used Scheme!

    8 year is the limit on age for selling an Approved Used Vehicle, the accord was over this when sold, so it was miss sold from the get go!

    The Accord was rejected and returned by a previous customer prior to my ownership - highlighting it was a problem car before I had it!

    When I receive further direction from the Ombudsman I'll update this accordingly (lol...accord-ingly)

    Safe to say the message is spreading, I had an email this morning saying the images that are in my google reviews have hit over 100 THOUSAND VIEWS.

    I'm also aware another customer has just had their car taken back and the ombudsman award in their favour, as they were also miss sold a vehicle supposed to be listed as approved used! I'm sure he'll whack something up here at some point when he's ready :Smile:

    Holdcroft have form in miss selling vehicles!
    I've now proven it!

    When the ombudsman case is done I'll publish the details here to better inform others!
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