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    United Kingdom dewi9 Lincoln
    I have just bought a 2006 facelift 7th Generation Accord Tourer(Tourer). Manual 6 speed box plus all sorts of 'boys toys' on board.

    Finding it very similar to my old(2003) MGZT CDTi Estate but some things missing - where is the warnings for dead lights(canbus) ?

    Apart from that, very swish inside and I am sure I will grow into it, so to speak.
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    United Kingdom Charlie Brigg North Lincs
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    Hello @dewi9 welcome to HK mate, is your tourer petrol 2.0 or 2.4 or diesel 2.2, also mate if me correct no canbus on 7th Generation accord, your now part of the best honda site in the world..
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    United Kingdom dewi9 Lincoln
    Car is 2.2 diesel, Alabaster Silver with black leather interior, 17" Honda Penta wheels with about 179K on the clock.
    Does not drive much different to MG ZT, which was remapped to 152BHP, made a heck of a difference to driving.
    Had aftermarket reversing camera already fitted (in numberplate surround) which was pretty poor, so have since changed it to a slightly better model (488 TVL instead of 427 TVL resolution). Then drove myself potty thinking it was mono because plants in flowerbed all came out white - turns out it has no IR filter like dash cam, so get 'IR' picture. I guess I will get used to it.
    Next job is to fit a 0806 dashcam at front ... never ending, jobs on cars.
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    United Kingdom dewi9 Lincoln
    Anyone know if there is a workshop manual for 7th generation Accord Tourer ?

    I cannot find anything on Haynes website.
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    A belated welcome to Honda Karma @dewi9 :Hey:
    Please do upload an avatar and add your Accord to the Club Garage - Details of how are here.

    The UK digital versions are copyrighted so cannot be posted on our site. What is it you want to know?
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