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    hey all! ok il level with everyone, i don't own a Civic but am a honda fan and do own a CR-X Del Sol SiR.

    heres a few pics of her in current condition but i do intend to be modding her more ready for some track work. enjoy :Smile:








    Got loads more of how she has progressed over the 5 years iv owned her (3years spent off road till i got loan lol ) if anyone would like to see them just ask :Smile:

    cheers all

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    hello wayne and welcome to CL

    i must admit that i hate the body kit but love Del Sol i came close to getting a VTi myself

    so what do you have planned?
  3. wide2k Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    thanks EG. i know, the bodykit isnt to everyones taste lol

    Well iv picked up a B20 bottom end which i plan to get sleeved and up rate internals, get cranked balanced etc then attach to a b18 (preferably C6) head add some stage 2-3 cams, decent valve kit, then boost her :Tongue:lot:

    Iv got alot of the suspension mods done (BC coilovers,energy polybush kit, buddy club p1 cambers, summit rear strut bar and invo auto front strut bar) just need to get front and rear anti roll bars and get a roll cage measured and made. i hear there a bitch to fit in a sol lol

    Brakes are also in the pipeline to get uprated, was thinking of doing the conversion using either Prelude or legend front calipers with goodridge braided hoses and 1" bore master cylinder from the ITR.

    i was planning on doing the body work last as didnt fancy paying for a spray then ditching it in 'kitty litter' on the track. lol but the rust seems to have other ideas so i may get rid of rust and give it a quick spray soon.

    Then lighten her abit by stripping out a few non essentials from inside add some better seats and harnesses then add few more bits of carbon. lol

    Somewhere amongst all this and work im hoping to do a tuition track day at brands or snetterton to give me the basics. :Smile:
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    8) Car looks nice bud....you gonna flush the tail and have the number plate on the rear bumper??
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  5. wide2k Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    cheers and yeah, im looking for carbon flush one, tho prob wait till after christmas now lol
  6. Suped Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Liking del Sols, bought a SiR for the ex a few years back. Still going strong! always a thrill to VTEC around. welcomes!