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Discussion in '6th Generation (1996-2000)' started by GotFruit, Saturday 5th Dec, 2009.

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    If you guys had a b16a2 what would you do to it, Cam wise? Would you change the heads at all? Is the b16a2 head perfect to start with?

    My jordan is off the road and im looking at some mods, But i don't even know where to start with so many brands etc

    I've already got decat, backbox, filter, 4-2-1 so im looking to expand on that

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    If it's off the road and you have time and a bit of money. B20. Keep your own head and use a 2.0 litre bottom end :Smile: . Much better than messing around with cams and stuff. Torque :Tongue:
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    B16a2 Head and b20 bottom end? What else do you recomend? ITR Cams? Skunk Cams?

    I will look into this more if this is the best route to go XD


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    b20 can be unreliable if not done propperley,and involves alot of work,but if done propperley it can be very impressive alot of torque,but was told also they are not a fan if you wanna rev over 7k-8k because the bottom end isnt very strong and has thin walls and they tend to go often.I know a few peopel this has happend to. youd would probley be better off with a b18c6 (Type-R engine from a teg)you would get close results and for realibilty and for around that kind of price it will cost you,then you can tune it from there.

    If you did get skunk 2 cams or ITR for the b16,you would need a remap for you to notice results anyway.Which would cost abit
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    I don't mind getting it remapped... As i don't live that far from wallace performance they map alot of jap cars...

    Yes i got told b18 bottom end, b16a2 head, EK9 cams...

    Will this still run on the same management? :s thanks