Exhaust System Help identifying metal plate from undercarriage (i-CDTi)

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    Hi guys,

    I had a metal plate come off the bottom of my 2005 Accord I-CDTI and am hoping someone can identify/tell me if I need to take it to the garage before putting anymore miles on it.

    It's a thin metal plate that runs between the back end of the exhaust shaft and the body of the car. The bolt holes from the plate look like they've disintegrated quite a bit. Link below to pictures of the underside of the car and metal plate.

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help!


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    It looks like the exhaust heat shield to me... Sits between the exhaust and the body to absorb some of the heat. Not uncommon to find they disintegrate.. although yours looks in remarkable condition except for around the bolt holes... So I suspect there's been an issue with the types of material contained in the shield and the bolts that helped speed up the process.
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    as @Heckler points out this is an exhaust heatshield. don't throw it away though as you'll need this to be in place to pass your next MOT as the rules changed and these need to be in place. Its not uncommon for the holes to enlargen and the heatshields to drop or fall off. Best bet would be to loosen the bolts underneath (don't for get to use a penetrant spray before hand to make sure you have every thing in your favour for bolt removal) get some large washers that will cover the holes in the heatshield but fit over the studs on the body and proceed to replace the heatshield, put a washer in place and then the nut back on.
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    Thanks so much for your replies guys, I appreciate it! Doesn't sound like a troublesom fix from what you've explained.
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