Help: 5th gear cannot engage after transmission oil change

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by naboil, Wednesday 10th Jul, 2019.

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    I replaced tranmission oil on my FR-V .2 I-CDTI and in the process removed the wrong bolt (12mm) instead of 10mm oil level bolt.
    The bolt I removed had at the end a spring letting me thing it was retaining a ball.
    I put iit back and complete the transmssion oil change, bt the 5th gear wo't go in with engine stopped.

    I guess this has to do with my removal of the wrong bolt.

    My questions are:
    Can the engine be started and the car run without any damage to the gearbox ?
    How to fix the pb: does the tanny needs to be removed and opened?

    Many thanks for you help!
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    I'm not expert but it looks from this like it could need the gearbox off to fix it - unless you can do without 5th. Unless maybe you can just buy a new ball and put it back in.
    If so you might as well replace the clutch at the same time.