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    hey im quite new to the site , just bought a Mint Ek4 VTI heres few pics

    plans are to keep it clean , raise it a little bit , and new wheels , some bride seats maybe , need fix few bits of trim also

    heres few pics i took after a quick wash



    also had a wire tuck


    Also just to add my Civic is a 98 vti pre facelift with a full facelift (99/00) front end on.Here is a rough list of the items bought for the car

    New from honda

    EK9 front panel

    EK9 headlights

    EK9 wings

    brackets for the wings

    EK9 front crash bar

    EK9 front bumper (came painted in cw)

    OEM honda parts second hand

    jorden rear bumper (no bump strips)

    jorden rear lip (same as an EK9)

    jorden front lip (same as an EK9)

    facelift rear lights

    JDM rear number plate holder

    front wings (only used for pre paint build as new ones had not turned up)

    aftermarket parts

    EK9 rep spoiler

    EK9 rep grill (changing to an OEM one)

    HC racing carbon bonnet

    magnacore red leads

    double thick alloy rad

    red hose pipes

    new d2 lcas

    new front lcas

    new ball joints

    new track rods

    new track rod ends

    new OEM honda battery

    h4 6k HIDs

    DC2 front brakes

    DC2 front brace

    new ep racing heat treated gearknob

    DC2 rear anti roll bar

    new front/rear drop links

    new timing belt kit


    Full magnaflow Exhaust

    jasma Manifold

    Car has also been resprayed in Ibis white !

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    Nice mate welcome to CL, like the pics and the spec sounds nice too. "when u say raise it a little is it too low for you??" don't raise it...looks sweet the way it is now..PS where you from??
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    not gunna lie dude that looks awesome! i love the wheels!
  4. K Vee Gee Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Welcome to Civiclife. Yeah those wheels look sweet, something different.
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    looks mint! ride height looks perfect! wheels are different :cool:
  6. Ross. Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Welcome to the site man. Gotta say, the car looks awesome.
  7. kaner.eb Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    ride height is staying the same :Grin:

    im from northern ireland ,