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    Hi I am a new member here ,I do have a Honda ,but its not on the road ,no MOT. It my first Honda ,and its been a amazing car ,and I will definitely be buying another in the future , excellent build quality .To be perfectly honest,its the reason for joining here , I collect and restore old vintage machinery,I had intended to repair and put it back on the road,as I was so impressed with it.Unfortunately I am now ,gutting and renovating our house and don't have the time and the money to spend on it. Regrettably I am selling it,don't want to scrap it ,but sell to someone ,who has a use for it ,for repair or as a donor vehicle for parts, Its a Honda Civic Aerodeck 1.8 petrol 19 years old,I shall put it on sale here ,if I am allowed ,if there is any interest. Thank you.