hello new guy from texas

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    Hi ti everyone my name is shern i no longer drive a Civic :Frown: due to me have to get rid of it for personal reasons but i will be getting another coupe in the next week hopefully i stay in texas and i like to meet ppl in the honda world.
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    welcome to civiclife,
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    whats up black guy?

    what part are you from? i was born in San Angelo :Grin:

    hope you enjoy your stay any plans of yet for your coupe?
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    nice sig lol
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    i stay in corpus christi i am still in the states well plans for the next coupe would be an uber rare set of wheels (which i already have) suspension (which i already have) paint (which i already have) and asound system nothing major oh i already have the sound system as well i like to build backwards lol
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    Welcome to CL..

    Pics? :Smile:
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    yea i live in england now my grandparents always go down to corpus christi after thanksgiving till the spring its really nice down there good stuff

    yea keep it simple and comfy good plan mate
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    they are SSR Formula mesh 15x7 +1 offset i got them in ok condition and i am fully restoring them

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    Ah, mint wheels.

    Polished lip + gold centres = job done on a black car :Smile:
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    those will look amazing on a coupe!!! love em
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    thanks i am actually getting the center piece dipped in chrome or gold i really haven't decided yet but the lips have been repolished already (i polish myself) just have to decide on chrome or gold really pushing towards gold but the paint i have might not look good with gold
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    Your sig, lil wayne :Wink:

    Welcome to CL!

    Pics of ur old Civic?
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    lmao what's up you guys are pretty cool i like this place already