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    Hi my name is Dan , happy owner of a new member of familly Honda Civic 1.6 I-DTEC 2013(63).

    Pick a car like a week ago , was driving in like 200+ miles for it, so far so worth it, drive home was a pleasure and torque give me a lot of smile on that trip back hahaha. Did have few cars in the past, last 4 yr was small but roomy Audi A2 great car but after more and more money dips for repairs we decide to let it go. Was doing bit of research b4 and Honda was on our radar for some time now (remember dad Prelude from childhood and was great) , got 4 space one on our street and was always like 'i want one' hahaha.
    Only concern was that dreading DPF ,driving in traffic London can be really bad. But we do also a few longer's drive around and like weekend trips around country, so that should help with maintain that . MPG is just awesome , even around town 55+, on motorway was like 70+ just fantastic. Looking toward for have a great time and learn one or two thinks about it.
    Regards to All Members.
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    Hello and welcome to the Honda Club. Just make sure you do the necessary driving for DPF regeneration which should kick in on faster roads like dual carriageways and motorways. I've never run a diesel so I'm not exactly sure, but you should be aware of how it works for your particular vehicle so you'll have less issues with the DPF. A lot of people run diesel cars in London and are ignorant how the DPF works and how to maintain it.
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    Hello and welcome to Honda Karma @DanB :Hey: