Hello From France!

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    I'm French so I hope that my English is not too bad.

    My name is Vincent and I come from Marseille (south of France) but now I live in Clermont Ferrand (in Auvergne, "center" of france).

    My daily drive is a Civic Ferio ESI EH9 and I'm building and EG Hatch (lsi) with a B20vtec, RM22, ITB, S80 gb, DC2 5lug etc... I will make a thread for it :Wink:

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    United Kingdom George Lomdon
    welcome to CL, enjoy your stay. :Smile:
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    Hello There!

    This is Ghie!

    Im new in this site!

    I hope I can have more friends here!

    Just keep on posting Guys!

    And help the other to solve their prob.

    Good Luck!...

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    bonjour, welcome bud :Smile:
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    Bonjour, look forward to seeing some pics of that B20'd EG.
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    Hello there French person. I look forward to seeing the build up. Don't you have issues over in France with modifying cars? As in its illegal I've heard?
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    Welcome :Smile:

    Your english is better than alot of the english people on here!

    Look forward to pictures of the B20 EG! Get a build up thread!
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    Thank you for your welcome :Wink:

    James Rowe,Yes in France modifying cars is totally illegal but "no pain no gain" :Grin:

    A lot of people modify cars here but here in England you are in advance :Wink:

    I will post my build thread soon as I can :Wink: