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    United Kingdom Asaph Bristol
    Just joined the Honda Club and have bought a CR-V-ES-I-VTEC 2012 (61 plate), 1997 CC.

    My only question regards car stereo-wondering if there is anyone who could kindly assist?

    I need something to replace the existing stereo which is a CD player and does not have Bluetooth or AUX port- I would like to be able to use my phone in the car and connect and iPod Classic.

    Local garages want £300-400 to fit something so I can use the ipod and my phone- there are number of car stereos on ebay but I am not sure about compatibility and wanted to check with other owners if Double 2 DIN stereos fit; the idea being that I bought a ,stereo separately I would only need to pay a garage for labour.

    Does anyone have any observations?

    Thanks in advance for your time