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    Hi all.

    you may tell from my user name i am an ex hater, use to hate Civics and over the last year they have grown on me so last week both me and my father both gave in, i bought a 98 ek4 that needs some work(wing and a door) then i will start modding paid 150 for it with 31000 no idea if that was cheap and my fahter bought an 03 EP3 Type-R, 55,000 miles for 1400

    i wish to put the 2ltr VTEC engine from the accord into mine, any build threads for this conversion?
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    Why you thinking of a 2.0 you want the 2.2 mate or why not go down the k20 route or even boost the b16.

    How did u come across an ek4 at 150 or did u miss putting another 0 on it? Lol

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    I know where to buy cars from lol. £150

    how hard is the k20 as i did think about that. i can buy a accord 2,0 for £150-200 did look at the 2.2s aswell. just wondering about ecus,management fueling etc, in the ford world (where i origanate from) its all pretty basic.
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    Mate that is a very good bargain but would need pictures to prove it haha lol.

    A k20 is pretty straight forward obviously u need engine, gearbox, ECU, loom, mounts, shafts, and oter little bits theres a few of k20 eks going around check them out.

    I wouldn't bother with the accord 2.0 i don't actually think theres anyone on here thats done that i could be wrong mate
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    oh right cool, had a nice look round my car and if im right if its not got VTEC its an EJ not an EK???

    Yeh decided against 2.0accord and k20 due to cost, thinking about 2.2 DOHC from a Prelude but wanting for now to do a mini me conversion, its a 1.4 engien do the bigger heads just bolt on?

    i assume i need to do some wiring and get the ECU programmed.

    getting some pics at the weekend. its needs a little work,(wing and a door plus a small bit of filler on the rear panel) i think a land rover has driven into it.

    its a nice tidy car though. inside is mint seems a shame it all be going in the bin lol.
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    Arhh now that explains it, the ek4 model is the b16a2 engine which is VTEC the model you got isnt an EK, (shells the same though)

    The h22 comes from a Prelude and accord Type-R, if you get one from a Prelude the JDM h22a is what you want. Or get an h22a7 but is more money. don't know anything on the mini me conversion sorry bud
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    cheers m8. im not clued up on hondas at all so been making notes lol. 
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    guys new to Hondas and EGH22 just comes in and spouts a bunch of chassis and engine codes hahaahha

    Welcome along dude, as mentioned if you just have the 1.4 Civic, you have an EJ9

    the EK4 was the VTi spec which came with the 160bhp 1.6 B16

    The 2.0ltr from the Accord is an economy VTEC engine, there would be no point in fitting it to the Civic as everything would be custom made and you'd spend more money than fitting a performance engine such as a B16 from an EK4 VTi or a B18 (180bhp 1.8ltr) from the Civic saloon VTi (shaped like the Rover)

    Fitting the K20, which is the same engine your dads Type-R has, isn't cheap either, you're probably looking about £5000-£6000 to have a garage do it. You could probably do it yourself for around £3000.

    The 2.2 engine comes in many forms, including an economy Non-VTEC version (F22B) so you need to make sure you get the right one. Accord Type-R, Prelude Type-S and VTi/SiR are your best bets for this.

    Tbh though, if you "know where to get cars" then i'd look for a higher powered Civic and start from there...
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    Sorry haggis lol
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    no need to apologise to me mate, I know what you were talking about :lol:

    OP was probably like

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    Haha great pic