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    Hello everyone. Few days ago I was polishing my headlights from minor scratches. Unfortunately I don't like any imperfections and have to mend them straight away. I thought would be nice to share it with you.

    Here are shots from before start. You will see what scratches I'm talking about
    e2255fd6dba1e2517342a42a5d458978. fb188014131d0ddf4062261c03178ee3. 4d178078bc9a80a7be0a93ece6e41643. 709fcfca403fdec763aa76570ba123f5.

    So I taped of area arround and got ready with my equipment
    And the essential parts for working on the car over the weekend. 5276db0962110757a173c1b1d9eff541.
    I cleaned headlights first and started with 1500 sand paper
    After closer inspection I realised that scratches are too dip so I moved to 1200 paper
    And than straight to 2000
    I finished off with 2500
    I know it was big jump from 1200 to 2000 but I spend longer time polishing it with 2000 and thoroughly checked before moving to Polish it with rubber compound and orange sponge. be8b7886d4a09af1331b750c74137152. results were good
    5dd3382e316180fdc4339dd842bf5e7c. 503ef537d959c98c70ee56e9b3105603. 4c84fa6461d639acc316716313e5ca6c.
    But I knew I can do better
    So I buffed it with scratch away 68cc0f0a9085eb30fbd60c75dad26145. applied directly to the headlight 240c787c58b78864c402c94a33a0213a. 118b7f160116580199ed195f65a404d7. And these are the results e32ed07be4c9f01028e31ee4064c56b2. for some that would be goon enough to finish on. I decided to I'm use one more polish. I do not know the name of it. One of my mates use to work in car wash and sorted me out with that. This is what they use to get that really shiny salon look. 8146c5f6a33fe0b8eb7c7d7016ce529f.
    Just with cloth polish and here are the final results 76af9c1243bcd883556f74fd59464f5d. 04d1ab9f9033cf7c0c9d68f6939c278e. bcaa99a2f21ff9a6739802caceefb43f. 5e9ef7b4b6cb6c048c96eb8cdc4713bc. After bit of cleaning this is what I ended up with
    Check this out
    b65a76dea56e7b8cc025f3cf4469ee21. bf617caf8f76a7dcac4bdc750c2b69be. 53e03249fe064cf1c5e65a4a13b9552b.
    All costed me around £10 but easy I could do 4 maybe 5 cars with that. Good idea to share the cost with some one who wants to polished their headlights as well.
    Instaling LED headlight bulbs and CB radio.

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    Good work Adamski ! :Thumbup:
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    Thank you

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    Great job, they look new again!! Did you top it with a wax or sealant or something?
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    Wax yes

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    The pink stuff is wax

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    Okay. You called it polish :Wink: And you have to keep it protected against UV now because after sanding and polishing the original coat is gone.
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    I called it by Polish

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    I called it by Polish, capital P

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    I'd like to improve the staining/cloudiness of my Accord headlights, and my Toyota is far worse. However this looks like a lot of effort.

    But well done!
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    Buy the 3M kit @RogerH69 bought and all you need is a drill and that's it. @Nighthawk did it manually too but interestingly he sprayed lacquer on top for protection.
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    I've said this before I love working in my car and bike. Get few brewskies one Light arround 30min to 45 min easy.

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