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    hi guys i got some condensation in headlights ,should i worry ?i contact honda uk and bloke said you have to contact dealer to inspect .
    so i contact holden honda norwich and service said if you want we can book you and have look also he said due to weather condition is normal .car is still under 1 year warranty.any advise please

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    condensation is never normal however occurs in many headlights if car is under warranty and headlights are covered get them to sort out, they may add silica gel bags to compensate as looks like its mild, also is then after useage or when parked overnight ?
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    i parking outside of house overnight with no carport and in the morning i driving to work 21 miles so i will wait couple days and see
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    I would suggest to get it checked out. From what I know headlights do get condensation when they get old and the sealant deteriorates or the cover for the bulb is not fitted correctly.
    Your Honda is fairly new, I have 3 Honda's all over 10 years old and non of the headlights have condensation. My cars are parked on the street open
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    If your car is under warranty just take it back to the Dealer to sort out, weather should not cause moisture in any headlights as they are supposed to be sealed.

    Try a different dealer if Holden Honda one doesn't give you a satisfactory resolution.
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    Id echo the above sentiments - take it to a different Honda dealer if you arent getting anywhere with Holden Honda. Escalate it up to the service manager if you can and see if you get any further luck.
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    thanks guys
    i just looked 1 h ago and i can see new condensation/steam so i will go to holden
    i let you know
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    hi mate
    yes i have been in holden honda and they said never had any issue and is not 100% sealed .
    they also said if on the bottom of headlight would see water than is replecable.
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    Thanks for getting backing to me Dom. Did you get yours replaced? The condensation I get resides mainly on the upper exterior corners.. it's not pooling as such but can run on the inside of the lense. Not as bad today at all but I'm confident it will come back with temp changes.honda are looking at it next week.
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    no they did not replace .
    like you said temp. change to more colder and i will see condensation wwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    let me know please what they said.
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    I've got a similar issue on my 7th Accord. All I did was to pop off the plug and seal at the rear of the lights, and pop a silica gel bag into the headlight, and then put back seal and plug. Seems to have done the trick
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    Had it checked by Honda when the car was serviced last week..but of course there was no condensation on that day do they could not take pictures. It is something they have seen but they weren't concerned when it clears itself and does not pool. Think if I was running halogen dips I wouldn't see it . I have silica bags but I'd be a little worried they would split over time..