Pre-Purchase Has anyone bought a Current 10th Generation Civic CVT Prestige?

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    i'm thinking about buying one of above & would be interested in your thoughts about the car?

    Have you had any problems like Honestjohn suggests - please click on below;

    I concerned about the problems people who have bought these cars, such as squealing brakes/alarm which cannot be turned off/condensation in rear brake light fitting etc. & according to the article on the honestjohn web site a lack of customer care/interest from Honda UK.

    I love my very reliable Accord, but feel it is time to downsize.

    I look forward to reading your comments.
    Many thanks
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    I cannot remember seeing a CVT, but @tomwillie has a manual.
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    I did test drive both a manual & CVT Honda Civic Sport 1.5 Turbo before buying my manual Civic Prestige 1.5 Turbo manual. CVT was OK but I prefer the manual, the paddles on the CVT allow a "lower" gear to be selected but the system does not hold lower gears it almost immediately reverts to the highest gear it wanted to be in based on speed & load etc. So it did not appear to be possible to follow a vehicle in a lower gear ready for a quick overtake. The real world MPG of the manual is also better than the CVT. Real world MPG of 1.5 Turbo Civics is also better than 1.0 Turbo Civics.

    The manual gear change in my Prestige is better than the three S2000's I have previously owned and a Civic Type-R GT I recently test drove; & its clutch is lighter to depress.

    Salesman advised that CVT in 1.0 Turbo Civic is jerky at slow speeds unless accelerator pressed gently but this is not a problem with the 1.5 Turbo.

    Very pleased with my Prestige which has room for a space saver, which I have. Driving gently its possible to achieve 50mpg but I typically get 46/47 MPG. A Police driver who bought a CVT from my local Honda dealer changed it for a manual & he gets 55 MPG. In addition to the clever parcel shelf the sunblind in my Prestige is a black fine open mesh. This means it is possible to have the benefit of the sunroof open without the need to wear a cap to prevent being blinded by the sun when turning out of a junction, as happened to me once.
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    Hi there,

    Yes I have one. I test drove one last year and it ticked all the boxes for me - it was a Honda (trustworthy and reliable - based on experience too), it looked incredible, was comfortable to drive, had better engine performance than my previous 8th Generation 1.8 manual, and it had Apple Carplay.

    No squealing brakes for me, condensation in rear light units I do have and have yet to see Honda about fixing them. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks.

    On the whole the car is lovely to drive, it's responsive and quick to accelerate when needed and I think looks incredible - like nothing else on the road. I find the Honda Sensing technology very effective, easy to use and most importantly reassuring to have as a driving assistance feature. The CVT possibly isn't for everyone - I see complaints that it doesn't feel right as you can't hear the gear changes like an automatic. This doesn't bother me at all - it makes perfect sense to me that when you want acceleration, the car gives you as much of it as it possibly can until it reaches the point you are happy with then finds a balanced point for the engine to continue with.

    However there is a big list of niggles which I am raising with my local Honda dealer shortly. This is my 3rd Civic and I have never had any issues at all - just servicing and tyres; yet I have my newest Civic (Just done 6k miles) thus far and it has some quality/refinement concerns that I feel should be addressed in addition to the rear light condensation:

    Roof/sunroof/headliner rattle (appears to be common) and is very consistent
    Aircon whistle (appears to be common) again very consistent at 1-2k revs
    Noise from A-Pillar / Wind noise drivers side - random but regular
    Lots of condensation in the car, even on the HUD on a cold and damp morning - only had this issue previously with old Ford's and Vauxhall's I had when I was younger.

    I guess it remains to be seen how Honda or the Honda franchise I deal with will take it. I do plan to take things as far as I will need - I.e. If not resolved by dealer, contact head office, etc.

    If it was my first Honda I perhaps would feel different and put it down to experience - but because I've had two previously without niggles I intend to stand my ground if needed. This car has sadly made me question the Honda reputation.

    Make up your own mind...
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    The other option is always the good old faithful FN3 2.2 CDTi 8th Generation Civic?
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