Suspension, Steering and Brakes Handbrake adjustment - where is it?

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by NE_Fife_Honda, Saturday 11th May, 2019.

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    Hi All,

    Wonder if someone can help me please. Where is the adjuster / tensioner for the handbrake on a 66 plate CR-V. On all my previous cars this has been under the middle compartment between the front seats behind the handbrake handle; but on this CR-V, there is no way to open the bottom of that compartment. I have searched everywhere, and can not find where the tensioner is.
    Or is there some other way of tightening up the handbrake on this model?

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    More than likely to be an adjuster on the rear disc/hub unit. the cable adjuster, is just for adjusting a slack cable. Try taking the wheel off and looking for a little plug/hole. in there somewhere will be a star wheel to turn and adjust the park brake