Feedback/Help Half Shaft (Intermediate shaft) bearing noise?

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    Hello Honda Hive,

    I posted this earlier and haven't had time to get it checked out yet. Below is my original post followed by some additional info and a pic of what I think might be at play (this shaft comes out of the transmission and then into the end shaft with the CV joints to the wheel)
    Capture d’écran 2019-09-05 à 09.38.28.

    "I am just back from a trip across France. I had a slight droning noise from the front end at speed which I suspect is a bearing. I has gotten slightly worse and I was wondering if any of you out there could help. It doesn't seem to be a wheel bearing (although I'm not counting that out either) but that said the noise very much resembles that of the rear wheel bearing I replaced. It DOES NOT however change pitch when I turn. I had the car on the lift for an oil change before leaving and noticed some slight play in axle joints. Is that normal or could this be an axle-related issue? I thought it might be a bearing on the accessory belt drive but it doesn't seem to be engine-speed related as the noise only seems to depend on the speed of the car."

    I have recently discovered that there is a bearing on the drive shaft coming out of the engine. This would be independent of transmission and spin with the wheels. I have no clunking noise and boots are solid just this ghastly drone. The hub bearings seem fine, I have new tires and the noise was there before fitting them. I did discover some slight cracking of the lower suspension arm front bushings but everything else seems solid. Has anyone (in particular Honda Accord 7th Generation owners) had this problem and knows what to listen for when half shaft bearing goes out? It seems to be a fairly uncommon problem, as it is very difficult to find info on forums and video websites which is why I am skeptical of it.

    I would love your input if you've experienced this before.