Engine & Gearbox H22 Swap EK Chassis Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by Tobiasnugent, Sunday 29th Apr, 2012.

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    If you're going to another company like Race-Tech to make you a kit + machining the block and forging it then £3,500 is around what I'd expect.

    Yeah feel free to PM me with whatever you need man.

    Is that extra weight over the wheels going to affect handling? I'm thinking about just going for a D16, less hassle and I know a lot more about them than other engines.
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    yes, i had one, providing you are prepared to pay a little extra and you have patients with the swap.
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    No morfs kit aint the same. His is just a scat plate to align the gearbox to engine as it sits on the piss. In all honesty its really not that bad im using his kit and is fine, but think in the future ill buy a plm or qsd kit.
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    Il go for the plm then man :Smile: Have you gpt a link to your build? Do you need a special mani or anything to run H22?
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    You can use the standard h22 one
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    morfs kit is ok if u are ok with modifying everything that u get with it and u have to grind ending down and gear box aswell, trim the scat plate dril new holes onto the block and i modifyed the b series fly wheel cover to allow a extra bolt to hold the box but when i can get it to work to modify it abit more on the ramp i will only problem i got is a misfire buts that not down to his kit
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    Just go with the guys who actually developed the kit in the first place, QSD. I wouldn't recommend anything else tbh.
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    i'm running a h22a + m2b4 in my EJ9 and i have no sump scraping issues.

    most people don't seem to make a front a front engine mount up when doing the H-swap which i think to be honest is bloody madness, i used the original front towing points and had a marine-grade stainless brace made that doubles as the front engine mount...works very well and also doubles as a sump protector, should the worst happen.

    the power is raw and she accelerates HARD, only real issues I have is a vibration from one of the inner CV's when pulling off and an idle issue that needs diagnosing when I get the hondata S300 strapped on.

    most of the parts can be had out of a Prelude/accord, which can make it pretty well priced, especially if you're making up your own driveshafts.

    wiring can be done in a couple of ways...i chose to keep the h22a engine harness intact and then wire directly into the EJ9's harness, most of the wires needed can be found near the ECU anyway.