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    I am hoping someone can help me out here as the online resources on 22 conversions is very very slim and the only worth while reading material if from the states and i am sure there are some variaions between US and UK cars.

    Now this isnt a what do i need for the covesion or a i want to do this conversion in 5 years time or a i am bored lets start a thread for the sake of it so here we go.

    I have a EK3 which i will be putting my H22 in but i have a issue with the loom, on previous conversions i have taken the whole loom from the donor car and bodged it into the converted car in rather a spectacular fashion which has worked but caused endless problems.

    Now can anyone tell me what sections i will need from the donor car (SiR JDM Prelude) to run the engine in my EK3? I am aware that the interior fueling section of the loom needs to be replaced. what sections will i need and where will i wire this in?

    Also do i need a ODB2A/B or some such convertor?

    I never have any problem with the mechanical side of things like getting the engine in lined up correctly, shifter calbes and such but i run in to a rather big wall when it comes to the electrical side of things as i don't have a clue!

    so any help from anyone that knows for 100% sure will be great great stuff, or if you can point me in the way of some reading material which will answer these questions i will be very thankful!
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    i really don't understand you injector wiring bit. Sorry. I have done h22 into ek3. I used the ek3loom. Swapped over the plugs, that didn't fit to Prelude ones, extended the o2sensor's and alternator wires to fit.added a resistor box for the injectors, and new wires for knock sensors and VTEC. When i did my first one i used the good old usa for guides. But if you have the ECU pin out diagram, you could do most with that. As for the conv harness that all depends on what ECU engine and car your using.
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    I am equally as lost with what you are lost with.... if that makes sence?

    can you not take the EK3 loom out at the fuse box and put the H22 loom in at the fuse box?
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    its preety much like smiley said mate you use the loom out of the ek3 and cut extend what is needed and it will be a lot easier with a pin out diagram
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    that bit, why replace it dude, its a case of cutting about 8 wires, and abit of soldering.

    plus the fueling is on the engine loom not the interior loom.

    thats why i was confused.

    can you cut into fuse box? i think your making more work than is needed, i have done many engine transplants, and helped in many others, plus the experts on here have always adviced to use your cars loom. it really is the easiest way,

    you get to mod the ek3 loom to your engine while your engine is on the floor, lots of room to move about and that.extending wires, changing plugs and adding whats missing. get a pin out diagram for your Prelude and add wires where need and run to the point on engine its needed while off the car. you can actually wrap the loom after too so it looks factory fresh. then when you drop it into your car its just a case of feeding it through the bulkhead and plugging back into interior loom, and then adding your ECU.

    if you google wiring up resistor box, then you will get some good pics and diagrams to help you out with that.
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    the whole reason i said that was because i was told that i had to change my interior loom because the fueling system for the H22 was different?

    if its just a case of wiring my EK loom onto my H22 i think thats a relatively easy job to do.
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    i've never heard of anyone changing the interior loom. And as said i never did on mine. It is quite easy once you get into it. Its a shame i don't know enough people who want the conversion to make a living out of it.
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    my interior loom was changed but only due to the fact it was non VTEC before :Smile: ppl should DEF start considering h swaps their FAT!!!
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    cheers guys, thanks for the elp, I am pretty sure i will get this dialed and sorted pretty quickly.

    H-Squad FTW!
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    the only reasoned i'd change the interior loom is on a dx and a lsi, as they are obd1. Ek3are obd2? Depending on year so should be ok. What year is your h22from. Oh and sorry to dissapoint but its k for me next. Just trying to figure out the wiring on that at mo
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    my h22 is from a 200 model bud yea id love to go k series aparently their not that hard either but i don't have k series money
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    i meant about the doctors h22. Yeah k's are expensive. I have most bits, and am in middle of ordering others from usa. I.m looking at 2g for part not including engine gearbox. Luckily my labour is cheap.
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    My H is from a 1995 JDM SiR
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    cool obd1. You'll need a conversion harness from your cars ECU plug to obd1. JDM is the best. They have less sensors