Engine & Gearbox H22 auto-manual tensioner conversion

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by EG6CIVIC, Tuesday 29th Dec, 2009.

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    im doing a auto-manual tensioner conversion on my h22, im using this guide http://www.collectiveracing.net/crforum/ho...dd34646680fc4ce

    which balance shaft tensioner should i use my h22 one or do i need a h23 one? this is what they have said

    "Next we will install the balance shaft tensioner pulley. For this install, we will re-use the H22 part. The H23 part has a larger spacer that places it further out away from the timing belt pulley. I recomend using the H23 part (not shown), but with a few washers (used as spacers) the H22 pulley (pictured) can be used correctly"

    if i don't run the balance shaft belts but leave the BS in and gears on will i not need this BS tensioner on or will the bolt be too long then and will need washers/spacer

    Another problem I've read about is the tri-pod piece which has a bolt which does not allow the tensioner bracket to move fully. here is a link to the thread which explains it better http://www.honda-tech.com/showthread.php?t...ove&page=10

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    bump anyone done it on here
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    im having it done on mine atm bud am i right in thinking this will allow you to rev higher safely? i tuned is doing mine and has experience doing them pm him mate
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    not sure if it will allow you to rev higher by only changing to manual tensioner but the manual tensioner can take more abuse (high reving) then auto tensioner.
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    yea thats what i meant bud so it will allow more abuse as the auto ones can leak from the seals an risk slipping a belt . my redline is 8.8 so it will be ssfer to rev mine that high
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    EG h22 iv seen your car i got the buddy club spec II from the lad that had it befor you. you got a bargin there didnt ya. wish i finished mine
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    james scotland
    bankxi!!!!! is that really you??? :Wink:
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    my friend it is. how are you? hows your build going along?
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    indeed i did my friend , but I've put nearly 2k into it so far