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    Problems as fuck! window motors keep fucking up even though i got a new one with runner for drivers! keeps popping out still and never closes properly! sunroofs shit and has a mind of its own, dash lights keep fucking up, someones cut off the horn,Wipers keep coming off the screen and near hitting mirror LOL seats mashed and been waitin 2 weeks for a recaro to be delivered! just changed the pads and still feel shit, wooden tyres and crunch in 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th! Had loads of problems, no interior light, shit steering wheel, nackered lower ball joint and upper wishbone, rotten air filter which was restrictive as fuck, shit starter motor which has a mind of its own, shit alarm which is dodgy,shorted out headlight loom, dodgy headlight bulbs, no fag lighter, Shit central locking!bent key, annoying exhaust rattle, dead short shit gearlinkage which feels like your in 5th when your actually in 1st.

    Need to sort half of them still!

    doin my nut in! :Frown: