Engine & Gearbox Gone from a Civic to .........

Discussion in 'Honda F/H-Series' started by talidan, Sunday 26th Oct, 2014.

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    and probably the original engine. Which means if hasn't been forged yet due to the crankwalk, then expect a bill at some point for a forged engine, or sourcing the 5/6/7/8 engine to drop in. 
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    I've had Civics littered in my Car past cause they are genuinely fun to drive and own. Get an s14 for that money. I use mine daily and it's great
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    S14 is a good shout, but there not the most reliable things iv heard ?
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    They're not unreliable, but they're no honda or toyota hilux lol.

    But for under £4k you're more than likely going to get an abused one, or high flyer.

    Unless it's an auto one.
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    Saab 9-3 2.8 V6 Turbo.

    250bhp and 6 pot goodness... Can be picked up dirty cheap! :Smile: I think it may be my next car.
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    I went EJ9 to DC2, best decision I've made.

    Only thing is I'd like some more comfort and less noise sometimes, shouting to my passenger on the way to mimms despite crawling along at 60 got a bit tedious
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    If you get a s14 they're reliable but they just need looking after. And there are plenty of spares. Forget drifting unless ya have spare cash though. But as a car they really good. Although it won't keep up with a DC2 on track or tight corners.
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    I wouldn't say spares are easy to come by... Forget anything from a Nissan dealership as they won't give you time of day, and if they do they won't be able to get you the part.

    The second hand parts that are available are expensive as, because its so hard to find new parts.
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    Sold my EP3 (mainly because I crashed it) for an E46 msport 330i. Real nice car but so so juicy I had to get rid.

    I've now got a fast diesel 5th Generation Golf, again a lovely car but I get well jealous when my mates are rallying around in their vtecs. Don't get me wrong the Golf will drive past an EP3 all day long, but its not the same.

    Get another VTEC

    EDIT:, and don't buy an S14 for less than 4k. I've had two and they were both shite
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    B18'd EJ6 > 350z

    As above, want another Honda. Most probably a DC2!
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    What mods you done to the golf dude? must be pretty quick to beat a EP3! not saying there rapid or anything but even still good going :Smile:
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    Might have to try a DC2, they are all 100k plus now but suppose its average milage for the age of the car, i usually buy on condition not mileage anyway.
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    DC2 FTW, comes with less of the chav stigma 
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    Darkside devopments turbo and downpipe, full piper exhaust, race injectors, EGR deletes etc and a Darkside map, 240bhp 390lbs torque. Snapped my driveshaft clean in two on Saturday so its sat on my drive next to my 5th Generation Prelude looking sorry for itself.

    Not saying it blows EP3's away, but I'll creep past one up till about 120 then mine goes dead lol. Turbo lag is hideous and the 4.5k rev limit is bullshit. Give me VTEC all day long.

    Saying that my old EP would have smashed it with the Kpro on. 45mpg+ is whats making me keep it for the time being.

    My plan was to get a DC5, but I think once I've shifted the Prelude I'll look for a clean EG to c6, then sell the Golf and go all out.
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    Also an investment now I think. They seem to have bottomed out, much like the EK9 did about 4 years ago. Now is certainly the time to buying a DC2 before they start to creep up. 96's specs are already climbing, and clean UK's are top end of 98spec's 
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    Well I did break the Subaru, but that's not the point :Wink:

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    Eg4 > mr2 > Ej8 > Ej9 
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    Get an FK.