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Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by harpersimon, Wednesday 26th Jun, 2019.

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    So - I got a CR-V (lost faith in Nissans at least for now)
    surprisingly it doesn't have apple car play and I use an iPhone.
    I do have an HDMI port but as you know - that turns off as soon as you move.
    Now, I know I can turn that 'feature' off in the diag back menu but try as i might - I cannot get to the menu
    have tried power+home+eject, it just ejects the screen and also read someone got in with Brightness, then power+home - that doesn't work either.
    have Honda turned off the ability to get in?
    what am I doing wrong?
    worst case, can I install anything onto the Android driven system, (i.e. google maps, waze etc?)

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    England Peter Rotherham
    Take it you've got the Connect system.
    Whether you can install other apps depends on your RC version.
    Think it is brightness+menu+power and hold all three down.
  3. harpersimon New Member Getting Started

    thanks - but as above I'd tried all that .. can't get into the back door.