Detailing getting the Black Edition ready for winter

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    United Kingdom Rob Edinburgh
    Fellow OCD sufferers, I know you'll understand (cos the wife doesn't!)
    Winter round the corner, and I wanted to give Darth a good going over before the weather turns...
    I was battling the rain all weekend, but the kids were away & I got a box of new goodies from Slim's last week so I plodded on.

    What I used:
    Auto Finesse Citrus Power
    Auto Finesse Iron Out
    ValetPro pH Neutral Snow Foam
    Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo
    Dod Juice Born Slippy
    ValetPro Billberry Wheel Cleaner
    Poorboys Black Hole
    Dodo Juice Blue Velvet
    Poorboys Wheel Sealant
    Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel
    Peroni Nastro Azzurro as required
    GTechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt
    Faracela G3 Clay Mitt
    DAS-6 Pro Plus DA Polisher
    Chemical Guys Blue / Red Hex-Logic Pads
    Meguiars Water Magnets
    Auto Finesse Primo Plush Buffing towels
    Martin Cox large Alloy Wheel Brush
    ValetPro Dash Brush
    Planet Rock on the DAB


    Day 1 - Saturday

    Good skooshing of Citrus Power over the front & wing mirrors followed by a rinse


    Iron Out all over then rinsed


    Snowfoamed & rinsed


    Wash with the Autoglym shampoo & GTechniq wash mitt, rinse


    Billberry wheel cleaner onto the alloys, scrubbed inside the rims with brush & washed the faces with a microfibre cloth (dash brush to get in by the nuts)
    Clayed with the Faracela G3 mitt - surprised how quick & effective this was, never clayed a car before but really left the paint smooth as a baby's backside. It did leave a mottled residue all over though, so I gave it another handwash before drying it off with the Megs Water Magnets.


    Still had a wee bit of residue from the clay left but I tried a test patch with Black Hole & it seemed to do the trick so I broke out the DA.
    2 coats of Black Hole / 1 coat of Blue Velvet, buffed with the Auto Finesse Primo Plush towels.


    At this point rain stopped play, plus it was getting dark so I called it a night


    Day 2 - Sunday (with the neighbours looking at me like "have you been there all night?")
    Wheels & tyres dried off following overnight rain
    Applied Poorboys Wheel Sealant then Megs Endurance Tyre Gel


    ET VOILA....


    Would appreciate any comments / advice, still new to this game & always room for improvement. Managed to get rid of quite a few light scratches & lots of swirl marks. Not sure if this was due to the clay or the Black Hole / DA, but whatever it was it's made a massive improvement. The residue after the clay was frustrating, is this normal or was I doing it wrong? And the other thing I probably need to think about is applying the Blue Velvet with the DA, right pain in the arse to get it on to the pad cos it's a hard wax, any suggestions from you guys?
    Anyhoo, job done (for now) and it's looking just fine.

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    United Kingdom Patel London
    Did you have plenty of lube whilst using the clay mix. Your supposed to use quick delivery, but I found a few lather does the job.

    Also usually didn't mention a ear or seal the at the end.
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    Netherlands Marlène Maasgouw
    Your car looks double black (love the PB black hole) and shining! Great job! :Thumbup:
    As for the clay lube residue, that's known with DJ Born Slippy clay lube. I use the same excelllent clay lube (with super natural clay bar though) and take as much lube off with a clean, soft micro fibre towel when i have done a part, and after claying i also give the whole car a quick handwash (DJ born to be mild or Carpro reset). Then there's no residue anymore. From the image it looks like you've used Autoglym shampoo CONDITIONER and that comes with gloss enhancers. Not sure if that's the problem, but next time i would use a pure shampoo before these steps. You can use the conditioner shampoo for your regular washes after you've waxed the car.

    DJ Blue Velvet is a hard wax and most people who wax their car with a paste wax do it by hand — it is a relaxing job or at least it should be. :Wink: To apply wax with a DAP you can best use a liquid wax, f.e. Collinite #845, durability is almost twice the Blue Velvet which will make it a great wax for the winter.
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    United Kingdom Rob Edinburgh
    Magic, thanks for the advice Jazzway
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    Netherlands Marlène Maasgouw
    You're welcome, Rob. :Smile:

    Forgot this. Light scratches and swirls are magically filled by the PB Blackhole. :Smile: The next time you clay your car and strip the wax, or when the wax protection is on its end, scratches and swirls will be back. Remember PB Black Hole gives NO protection and goes off when not be topped with a wax or sealant!
    Light scratches and swirls polished away or filled, it is the result that counts! But the durability of the fillers in black hole depends on the durability of your choice wax or sealant on top!
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    United Kingdom Rob Edinburgh
    Cool, thanks again for the advice :Thumbup:
    I've used Black Hole before but only by hand, this was the first time with the DA and the difference is incredible.
    Anyone got any other suggestions about liquid wax, have read that the Collinite 845 is more for lighter coloured cars.
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    United Kingdom david Droitwich
    Wow. How much to have a blast at my Civic?
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Loving the detailing corner, some great stuff there on those shelves :Thumbup:

    Fantastically applied too, end result looks superb :Yahoo:

    The finished article deserved to be shown off much more ... so I've enlarged the pic for you :Smile:
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    Netherlands Marlène Maasgouw
    Because it is more difficult to get shine on lighter colored paint and still it will never be like as a dark paint. But there are better choices for lighter cars. :Wink:
    Collinite #845 looks great on a dark car as well and is certainly not specially for light colors. It will give black a wet look and a great durability! Do an image search for #845 on black and dark colored cars. :Wink:
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    United Kingdom Rob Edinburgh
    :Rolf: Labour of love I'm afraid, I ain't for hire :Wink: Your Civic looks in pretty good nick as it is :Thumbup:

    Thanks man, thought that posting the last one full size might be a bit self indulgent, but happy to show it off in all its glory.

    Most of the stuff on those there shelves have come from advice / recommendations from you lovely lot, you've been very welcoming to a detailing newbie & I massively appreciate all the help I've had since joining.:salute:

    Have to admit that until I got the Black Edition in March, this was the sum total of my *ahem* detailing kit:


    And Jazzway, once again, really value your advice, thanks loads :ninja:
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    Looks fantastic @Rob T :clap:

    I've never had an issue with clay residue - using Bilt-Hamber which lubes with water. I use the mist function on my hose to make sure it stays properly lubricated.

    For Winter, one thing that I've done in the past is to do all the prep, then apply a sealant (Megs Professional No.21) after which you can apply different wax toppings easily and quickly over the Winter months, or use a protection detailer like Dodo Red Mist or Bouncers Done & Dusted.
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    United Kingdom Ian Perth
    Terrific Job and a nice collection of kit!!
    I also have a "Black Edition" please let me know when I can make the 30 mile trip to allow you to do my car ??
  13. Is anything on the list a water repellant for the the glass?