Gearbox S4C LSD - from EK9 Civic Type-R (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Engine/Gearbox' started by dv8, Tuesday 15th May, 2018.

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    Item for sale: S4C LSD Gearbox
    Price: £700 Delivered or £650 Collected - UK - Barnstaple North Devon
    Paypal?: Yes - with covered fees
    Location: North Devon, UK
    Condition: Used

    S4C LSD Gearbox - Rebuilt with a full carbon synchro rebuild kit by synchrotech in 2013 and has since then seen limited mileage (about 10000 miles - car was mostly garaged). All bearings replaced with Genuine Honda Bearings. Always run with Honda MTF.

    Parts for rebuilt used are:
    • Honda Acura Type-R GSR B16 B18C Bearing, Seal, and Synchro Kit includes: SYN101 1-5 Carbon Synchro Set, SP101 1-5 Synchro Springs, BSK-S80 Bearing & Seal Kit
    • GSR/ITR/B16 Hydro/H22 3rd-4th Sleeve only
    • GSR/ITR/B16 Hydro/LS 1st-2nd Sleeve only
    S4C Label has come off over time but LSD stamp is shown.

    Have photos from rebuild and receipt for rebuild kit.

    This is my original box that i had in my car since i imported it so i know all of it's UK history.

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    Does this have the exact same ratios and final drive as a standard S4C but just with an LSD fitted?
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