General Gear Gaiter Change.

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    Swapped out my gear gaiter today and thanks to ArticFire for his easy to follow guide. Ain't it great that people take the time and effort to create these guides for the benefit of everyone.

    Purchased a Black leather gaiter with Grey stitching, so much nicer and better quality than the original and I think matches the interior just fine. I had some thin plastic tie fasteners that I thought would work okay but these were not up to the job, stretched and broke under pressure, and then had an issue with the 8 leather tabs and how to fix them to the plastic tabs. Ended up simply super glueing them on and this worked a treat.
    Used a much thicker and bigger tie wrap for around the top ring part and filed down the locking part of the tie wrap to less than half it's size and this also worked great.
    Very happy with the result.
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    United Kingdom Agadza London
    Any pics, please?

    I would suggest the super glue might damage the leather over time?
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    Hi Agadza,
    Sorry, no pics however if you viewed ArticFires excellent guide with pics to replacing the gaiter you would see that it is pretty easy to change out.
    I did try screwing the 8 leather gaitor tabs to the plastic tabs but I think although the screws were short enough they were a bit on the thick side and would have cracked the plastic as I tried screwing them in.
    I really don't foresee any issues by using the superglue method, leather tabs adhered to the plastic okay, sure, perhaps over time the superglue might degrade and the tabs just might become loose but I would simply find better screws for the job and use that method of fixing the tabs.
    Having a decent hand staple gun would really be the ideal solution.