Funky Power / Planet Performance Open Day

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    Hi guys,

    we're having an Open Day here at Planet Performance HQ this Saturday (1st June 2013).
    Would be a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, have a 'behind the scenes' look around our facility and check out some of our creations from the past along with some current builds in progress in our workshop!

    We are based in the Olympic Business Park in Dundonald, Ayrshire KA2 9BE, and the event will run from 10am till 5pm.

    We have also hired the Landlord's helipad to lay out a track, and have some pro drifters lined up for Drift Taxis and drift displays for those who crave the smell of burning rubber!

    Would be good to show you guys round our company demo cars, including my own widearch FD2 Civic Type-R.

    Facebook event link here:

    Cheers guys,


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