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    Rhodrich submitted a new guide:

    Fuel Filter Replacement - Petrol Engined Models

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    A brilliant guide.

    I cannot stress how carefull you need to be with the fuel level float sensor. The muppets at my local dealership bent the float arm when replacing the fuel filter on my Civic which resulted in the car running out of fuel with 50 miles still left on the computer/gauge. They refused to rectify the problem as apparently I didn't tell them soon enough ...
  3. Matt at H-Tune Service Team H-Tune Staff

    Mega work, it's surprising how much this often overlooked maintenance can make a difference under higher load.
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    Hi Rhodridge, what you did is great, but I feel the need to make some remarks.
    1) The fuel tank is under negative pressure, not positive. The hissing sound is air coming in the tank. It's the engine that sucks out fuel and creates underpressure. Only in summer, just fueled up and very high temps you might have some slight overpressure.
    2) To release the fuel pressure, you start the engine and take out the main fuel pump relay. Engine stalls of fuel starvation, and all pressure is out of the circuit. In my Accord, left hand side, blue relay.
    AND!!! After that you DISCONNECT the negative battery terminal. Take no risk with fuel.
    3) Indeed, you can open the cap with a hammer and chissel, but in my Accord, there's hardly any room and I don't want to damage the tank itself. So I bought the tool (see photo). I can only advise this.
    4) Use fresh engine oil when remounting all the new O-rings.

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