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    The fuel filter is situated on the nearside of the car behind the rear jacking point in the recess behind the inner rocker panel and just ahead from the rear suspension. It is not necessary to remove the left hand rear wheel. Jack the car up and use an axle stand. The fuel filter is located by two 10mm headed bolts which run through a stell protection plate and onto the two lugs of the fuel filter bracket.
    Fuel Filter Location

    Old Filter Removed
    On the corner of the protection plate is a flame trap device which is also held in place by a single 10mm bolt. Remove this and allow it to hang on its pipes then undo the two longer 10mm bolts securing the fuel filter, pull away the protection plate and pull the fuel filter gently down being careful not to disturb the plastic fuel pipes too much. Take note of which way round it is although it is impossible to refit it the wrong way round.
    This image shows the male end of the old filter with the plastic fuel pipe insert partially removed and away from the lip it normally has to sit over.

    Older fuel filters are aluminium and have a removable strap bracket but the new new genuine filters are an all in one plastic unit and integral bracket - much neater. Unclipping the filter pipework is easy and in one end you have a separate female connector between the pipe and the filter and you nip the two protruding plastic lugs together using your fingers only and the pipe releases and on the male end of the filter a similar clip is released by pushing the lugs together through little windows in the plastic pipe end using a screwdriver.
    Old aluminium filter and new Genuine Honda filter IMG_1984.

    You need to be careful as you now have a full fuel filter which is looking to drain all over you so make sure you have a container to drain it into. You get a new retaining clip supplier with the new filter for the female end having removed the old clip from over its ridge on the pipe fit the new clip over the pipe ridge - this is logical and reuse the male end clip [as oddly no new one is supplied] taking care to remove it from the old filter and remembering it is a different clip from the female end and the two should not be muddled up.

    This shows the new filter fitted with the pipe insert and the new insert for the female end laying adjacent.
    This image shows the fully installed assembly showing the vapour/flame trap attached and the two securing bolts that pass through the shield and the filter.
    This image hoes the filter with pipes fitted and clearly shows the male and female ends.

    Simply clip the pipes back into the new filter body [the female end needs a bit of push to overcome the seal in the filter] making sure the clips are seated by giving them a gentle pull to make sure and refit the filter to the car using the two screws through the steel protection plate and refit the flame trap with its single bolt on the corner. The job is complete. The fuel pump in the tank is energised as soon as the ignition is switched on and the car starts immediately - so no cranking trying to get the fuel through. This is a very easy job but having said this I reckon the filter on my car had never been changed after 13 years!

    This image shows the two pipes with the ends with the filter removed.

    Hope this helps someone.:Thumbup:
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    Great job Stephen and great writeup.

    I suspect that old filter is an aftermarket one from a previous service.
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    Thank you for talking the time to do this ,it is appreciated. No doubt it will help the 6th Generation accord owners.
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    Great job. Very helpful. I just got a new filter, i'll have a go at it ASAP