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Discussion in 'Honda K-Series' started by Heckler, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2018.

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    Silly question... I've got a brand new container for unleaded that I bought for the petrol brush cutter... But it's never been used.

    Can I put diesel in it for my car... My replacement accord is sitting on my drive until the new year and I want to put some more fuel in it as it's getting low and I don;t want to pick up any crap in the bottom of the tank... I also want to throw a little diesel cleaning fluid in with it, and run the car for a while. Poor thing has been sat without going anywhere for a couple of months now and won't be swapped over until the new year.
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    You could, but then I'd want to avoid ever using that container again for petrol. And surely you will one day need petrol for the brush cutter?

    Cars don't pick up crap from the bottom of the tank just because the level gets low; the fuel is always drawn from the bottom of the tank whatever the level. In any case there is a fuel filter. I wouldn't worry about it, and I certainly wouldn't add any sort of cleaner.

    There are things that I would be more concerned about if leaving a car parked up on the driveway over winter. Brakes would be the main worry.
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    Yes as @Cleeton, says the pick up point doesn't move about it's always in one place, fuel level doesn't matter, so nothing to worry about.
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    It's something my dad always told me since I first started learning to drive... He gave me some good tips, and one of them was to never let the tank run down to almost empty. Only a few times have I ever let it get down as far as the light coming on with any car.

    Some of his tips I still use to this day, it makes me more aware of what's going on around me most of the time.