Sold FS: 2012 MacBook Pro - non retina version - 128GB SSD / 8GB RAM - MINT

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    Item for Sale: 2012 MBP - 128GB SSD / 8GB RAM - Immaculate condition & fully boxed
    Price: £1100 OR VERY NEAR OFFER
    Location: Near to Preston, Lancs
    Condition: Immaculate
    Description: As below
    Pictures: As below

    2012 Apple MacBook Pro - Non retina version - For sale

    I'm looking to downsize my desktop work-station to a 24" HDMI monitor and Mac Mini so this immaculate 2012 MBP is now up for sale

    The spec:

        MacBook Pro 15.4"

        Upgraded to 8GB Crucial RAM / 128GB SSD(upgraded from OEM 500GB HDD)

        2.3GHz Intel Core i7

        Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB

        Current Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F37)

        Power: Cycle count currently at 240

    The SSD hard-drive has managed the basics (running programmes, OS etc...). This makes it lightening fast and boot up/power down are immensely fast (although I usually have it in sleep mode).

    I've had it running x2 2TB external LaCIE Firewire 800 hard-drives dasiy-chained so all iTunes , documents & pictures are on those plus the TimeMachine back-ups etc...

    The Mac runs faultlessly with ZERO issues and has never failed me. It's never failed to start and always runs smoothly

    It also has AppleCare up until July 2015! This is VERY important to have in my opinion

    The magic mouse & keyboard are also included in the sale as is the aluminium stand; again all these are IMMACULATE with no damage to them whatsoever. Obviously the original power cord will be included with the sale also

    Everything also comes fully boxed and the MacBook Pro will also come with the OEM 500GB hard-drive that was removed when the SSD was installed.

    Price: I'm asking for £1100 OR VERY NEAR OFFER

    Location: Near to Preston, Lancs

    Delivery: This is, currently, for COLLECTION ONLY as I do not trust Royal Mail or any other courier to carry this to its new owner after having issues with an iMac I sold in 2012 when I bought this!





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