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    hi all
    i have been looking for new wipers 16" and 26"[alternative] to geniune honda but i could not find anything .
    wipers should have side hook holder otherwise notmal wipers won't fit .
    any sugestion welcome
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    Hi Dom, I tried the genuine Honda wipers, but they don't seem to last very well and don't have the longevity to match the quality of the rest of the car. I've gone through a range of wipers from £5 cheapies to the likes of Bosch. The best I have used so far are the Michelin Stealth blades, they've good endurance and aesthetics.

    Hope this helps,

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    United Kingdom Pete Canterbury
    I purchased a new pair of AeroWipers 16" and 26" for £17 including delivery, and very pleased with them. Would definitely buy again from these people.
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    hi thanks guys
    but they have to be with side holder like on ebay link i think