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    hi all im new to jap, i've been converted from german. first time buyer long time lover :Tongue: going to look at an EK in a few days. needs some work, but always up for the challenge. already buying parts for it even though i havnt brought one yet. Just wondering if anyone can give me a heads up of any online parts websites, im talking coilovers, lower arms, camber adjusters that kind of thing. Also if anyones selling a b16a2 as mine is the 1.5v-tec eco.

    cheers hope to hear from some peeps.
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    For suspension parts - http://www.meisterr.com/Site/MeisterR_Precision_Performance_Coilovers.html
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    cheers man, big help. I've had a look at these and will be on the list, rekkon im gonna have to go with some ebay cheap things to start. Think i'll be purchasing these tho at some point.
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    Do it once do it right.