Optional Extras FR-V tow bar fitting

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    hi all.
    im planning on fitting a tow bar to my 2010 FR-V.
    can anyone help with any tips? is it straight forward enough or a mechanic job? would i need to remove the exhauast for example?
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    We had one fitted by a local company as my wife didn't trust me to splice the loom and the "plug in loom" and bar costed the same as the fitted one.

    The only mod the fitters had to do was slightly trim the underside of the bumper where the tow bar is.

    I don't think it's that difficult, if you are ok with taking the rear bumper off.
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    cheers yanw. might have a go then
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    well had a look at the tow bar. bought in used condition on ebay. its a country mile out! the pre dilled holes in the chassis are 40mm from the edge the hole centre. the tow bar is it 30mm! looks like I've just paid for a good bit of scrap metal